Lets talk about the Next (hopeful) X3.

Without question we need to get 2.5 bug free. And we need to start bringing the X2 branch up to speed to take care of obsolete code. Thus the discussion about 2.6+

With Dj leaving with his proposed replacement for X2 we are now left with nothing planned for the Next version...

X3... This thread is to start discussing aims for X3 and how we get there.

Again I am just a normal user and I am just trying to encourage discussion of where we should go. At this point we should look at what we want to look at as a list of features.

Hopefully we have learned from the past errors related to the long defunct XoopSphere, and the recently split of Xoops Engine.

Until we have a full working version of X3 I think it is a mistake to stop working on X2. We have enough people in the community that if we work together we can both bring the X2 thread up to speed and build a new branch... X3...

We also have to realize one of the biggest problems when you are building a new system is that it is more than what 1 person can do. With technology on the move as it is we should make sure any such project has a team of programmers that hopefully can work together. Unlike past projects most professional projects tend to write the documentation and specs first and then write the software to match it.

We should try to figure out if we want to build from scratch or use some tool that is already in place and go from there. When we consider Xoops is written in PHP we should look first at what is included in the latest versions. PEAR is something that has been included since PHP4.3 even if not always installed. There is a default set of options that are included with most PEAR installations and it is simple to add any requires PEAR libraries if the server has not included them. (extgallery and extcal are two module examples of this...)

We should also figure out if we want to code from scratch or use a tool such as Zend Framework as the basis for the next Branch. The sour taste left with some of us with the manner of how XE split off should NOT scare us off from using Zend Framework. With a hopefully better TEAM working on future core code we can tap the expertise of other groups in getting up to speed in Zend Framework and build a system that will work. The hours I spent learning some of Zend Framework told me that it is a very powerful system and there is a reason why alot of professional software is built off of it.

So lets talk...

Another issue is that while we are looking at building X3 we should make sure that X2 evolves to a point where it is easy to move over to whatever solution we come up with.


Re: Lets talk about the Next (hopeful) X3.
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Actually, XOOPS 2.5.2 is in progress, and I think that bug trackers can be empty during this week.
XOOPS 2.5.2 is a bug free version, and include all demand (image, templates, avatars and more...)
Now, we work on a futur release (eg: 2.6) and we organize all demand from the community.
We have just one idea resume by "Powered by you", and I'm a user that the slogan is trust.
A roadmap for the next release can be submit after 2.5.2 and be sure that some surprise came



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