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  • 2011/8/14 0:56

  • barryc

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Is there any way in CBB to require pre-approval of a message before it appears on the forums?

We have had a problem with members, who do normally have access to our member=only forums, posting inappropriate messages, accusing other members of various misdeeds, etc.

We'd like the forum moderator to have to approve the message before it appears.


Re: Forum moderation
  • 2011/8/14 9:33

  • xgarb

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In my version of CBB in the permissions section there's an option to set 'Can Post without Approval' for each forum. If you untick these then posts have to be approved.

I've never used this so can't be sure how well it'll work.

Re: Forum moderation
  • 2011/8/14 11:26


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The given system frightens off the user. It will be better, if moderators delete objectionable messages.

Re: Forum moderation
  • 2011/8/14 15:48

  • barryc

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@xgarb, thanks. I feel stupid because I was pretty sure there was something but I failed to check that drop down in permissions.


I want to consider this for only one forum, which is a members only forum in which members can debate club issues. That forum is being abused by some people. The problem with deleting objectionable posts is that we have full text notifications activated, which means the objectionable message goes out to many people before it could be deleted. BTW, the reason for activating full text notifications is that we used to have an email list, which also was being abused by some people, so we switched to forums. In order to make that switch more palatable we allowed the full text notifications, so that members can see what is being posted and log on to the web site if they want to reply.

I recognize that there are advantages in only sending a notification, without full text, but one thing at a time when you are dealing with dues-paying club members.

Thanks for the help.



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