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Posted on: 2011/2/19 20:47
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Current versions of these modules, please

Hi everyone,

For various reasons (not related to xoops!) I've been out of the loop and need to get back in.

I'm currently running xoops 2.4.5 and am looking to upgrade to 2.5.0 during the coming week or so. However, I'm conscious that some of the modules i'm using aren't the latest and may not work with 2.5.0

Please can you good folks tell me what are the latest versions of the following modules and from where to download them if they are not in the module repository?

News 1.62 (from InstantZero)
XoopsPoll 1.2
WF-Links 1.03

I'm looking to move from Liaise 1.26 to a module that is being maintained. I've read about xForms 1.2 but can't find a download.

Basically, I'm looking for alternative modules that will work beyond xoops 2.5.0, i.e. with the new xoops engine.

Also, I use SmartSection 2.13 as I like it and it works well with Xoops 2.4.5. Is there a good alternative that will allow uploaded files to be associated with a page?


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Posted on: 2011/2/19 21:21
Mazarin (Show more)
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Re: Current versions of these modules, please

XoopsPoll 1.31 is in the repository.

Hoping I will have time to get 1.4 out in the spring, but don't count on it.


Posted on: 2011/2/20 0:54
Mamba (Show more)
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Re: Current versions of these modules, please

John, most of the latest versions should be in the SourceForge repository. If something is missing, let me know and I'll upload them.

News 1.62 (from InstantZero) ==> 1.66 from Trabis, but watch also xNews
XoopsPoll 1.2 ==> 1.31
WF-Links 1.03 ==> 1.08

xForms 1.2 ==> here

SmartSection 2.13 ==> Publisher
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Posted on: 2011/2/20 9:03
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Re: Current versions of these modules, please

Thanks Michael and Maz - much appreciated.

I couldn't find xForms in the Module Repository - that's what prompted my post.


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Posted on: 2011/3/11 2:34
jph000 (Show more)
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Re: Current versions of these modules, please

Mamba, just a followup note on your reply to JAVesey. Thanks as well for the note about the SourceForge module repository.

As far as legacy modules and XOOPS 2.5, on a test site I've got the following modules working okay:

stockquotes 0.1
news 1.66
xoopheadline 1
smartfaq 1.08
wflinks 1.06
sections 1
liaise 1.26
xoopspoll 1
wvleather 0.9

Most modules have been modified to run under PHP 5 and PHP 5.3 and validated for XHTML 1.0 Transitional. No PHP errors. Validation passed. No CSS level 2.1 errors (except for XOOPS 2.5 core's use of special, advanced CSS features).

As modified, wflinks 1.06 has some deprecations remaining. I tried wflinks 1.08 but the Latest Listings feature is broken; and there may be other issues as well. I'm still testing wflinks 1.08.

XOOPS Version XOOPS 2.5.0
PHP Version 5.3.5
mySQL Version 5.1.53-log
Server API cgi-fcgi
OS Linux
safe_mode Off
register_globals Off
magic_quotes_gpc Off
allow_url_fopen On
fsockopen On