I'll Pay for Points/Rewards Module


I really want to encourage my (future) users to post on my site. I currently have the Social Network, Yogurt module (along with a lot of other ones).

I would like a new module/plugin that will reward users a pre-determined amount of points every time they do certain activities (write an article in AMS, vote in a Xoops Poll, take a myQuiz, post on the Newbbex forum, etc). Each activity will have its own amount of points (see bottom for more details). Perhaps the amount of points they get for each activity can be adjusted in the backend.

I would like their Social Network profile to display the number of points they have on their profile.

Then, I would like there to be a section on my page for rewards with some kind of support in the backend where I can add/edit/remove rewards. If a user has enough points they can redeem their points for a reward. The redemption will automatically subtract that number of points from their account and the updated total will be displayed on their Social Network profile.

I know a little bit of php and MySQL and I have another site (not using Xoops) that I was able to successfully create this type of development for. However, I'm still getting used to the Xoops structure and I have A LOT of installed modules and they are all set up in different ways so it's a little confusing to me.

Here are the things I want them to get points for. The limitations just prevent people from doing the same activity over and over (spamming mostly) just to get points. For example: under the first one below, they can comment how ever many times they want on an AMS article, but they will only get points for ONE comment on a single article. They can also write multiple articles per day but only get 50 points for each of their first 5 articles of the day. There are also character/word limits so they actually make meaningful posts and don't try to spam.

Module: Article Management System
Activity: Writing an Article
-- Points: 50 points
-- Limitations: must be at least 500 words. flood control, 5 per day
Activity: Commenting on an Article
-- Points: 10
-- Limitations: once per article

Module: Simplywiki
Activity: Writing a Wiki
-- Points: 100
-- Limitations: 5 per day
Activity: Editing a Wiki
-- Points: 25
-- Limitations: changes have to be approved

Module: myDownloads (or another download mod)
Activity: Creating a download
-- Points: 5
-- Limitations: flood control, 10 per day
Activity: Commenting on a download
-- Points: 10
-- Limitations: once per download

Module: myReviews (or another review mod)
Activity: Writing a Review
-- Points: 100
-- Limitations: Once per account. Must be at least 500 words.

Module: Newbbex
Activity: Creating a forum topic
-- Points: 10
-- Limitations: if it is removed by moderator for whatever reason, points will be deducted from account
Activity: Writing on the forum
-- Points: 5
-- Limitations: flood control, 10 posts maximum in 20 minutes

Module: myQuiz (or another quiz mod)
Activity: Creating a quiz
-- Points: 15
-- Limitations: 5 per day
Activity: Submitting a quiz question
-- Points: 1
-- Limitations: 10 per day
Activity: Participating in a quiz
-- Points: 25
-- Limitations: once per quiz

Module: Social Network (yogurt)
Activity: Creating a tribe/group
-- Points: 25
-- Limitations: once per account, points are deducted when they leave or delete the group they created
Activity: Joining a group
-- Points: 10
-- Limitations: once per account
Activity: Adding a friend
-- Points: 5
-- Limitations: once per user added (can't add, delete and re-add same user for points)
Activity: Writing on a friend's wall
-- Points: 1 point
-- Limitations: flood control max 5 posts in 20 minutes, post must be at least 10 characters.

Module: Xoops Poll
Activity: Participating in a poll
-- Points: 25
-- Limitations: once per poll

Module: UserPage
Activity: Creating a user page
-- Points: 50
-- Limitations: once per account

Module: xDonations
Activity: Donating money
Points: Equal to the amount they donate x5

Re: I'll Pay for Points/Rewards Module
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Take a look at Trabis' MyPoints module: http://www.xuups.com/modules/publisher/item.php?itemid=17

Re: I'll Pay for Points/Rewards Module

ok I'm downloading it now and going to test it out. If it works you are truly a lifesaving. If it doesn't do exactly what I want I will pay to have this new mod or developments on Trabis' mod.

FYI: Some of the mods are hard to find.

Re: I'll Pay for Points/Rewards Module

Although this is a good mod, it doesn't have points for alot of modules. Some of the plugins within it that I'm using are mydownloads, newbb, system, and news.

Cam someone develop plugins for this mod to include
Xoops Polls
Social Network (yogurt)

Also I would like to set a separate amount of points for creating a topic in Newbb and replying to a topic. I would like that same functionality with the new plugins as well (writing an article different than commenting on an article, etc)


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