Can't Install: No Languages to Select on First Step

I'm having a problem installing version 2.5.1a. I installed a previous version of xoops and I had no problem. I am try to create a new install for a completely different site but things just aren't working. When I tried installing from Fantastico Scripts automatic install that even didn't work because it didn't let me create or specify a username for the database or name for the database. It tried using values that already existed for another database so when I went to my site after the install was "complete" it said it couldn't connect...go figure. So now I'm trying to do it manually. I uploaded everything from htdocs to my server. I made /uploads, /xoops_data, etc etc (all the folders specified in the install guide) writable. I go to my site and the install page appears. It says step 1/14 Choose Your Language. However, there are no languages to choose from therefore I cannot continue.

EDIT: Sorry I didn't scroll down to see the Installation support forum. I'm "that" person right now.

Re: Best Wiki Module

I'm very new to Xoops, what's SVN and is there a way I can see and use the latest version like you said others are doing?

Re: I'll Pay for Points/Rewards Module

Although this is a good mod, it doesn't have points for alot of modules. Some of the plugins within it that I'm using are mydownloads, newbb, system, and news.

Cam someone develop plugins for this mod to include
Xoops Polls
Social Network (yogurt)

Also I would like to set a separate amount of points for creating a topic in Newbb and replying to a topic. I would like that same functionality with the new plugins as well (writing an article different than commenting on an article, etc)

Re: I'll Pay for Points/Rewards Module

ok I'm downloading it now and going to test it out. If it works you are truly a lifesaving. If it doesn't do exactly what I want I will pay to have this new mod or developments on Trabis' mod.

FYI: Some of the mods are hard to find.

Re: Best Wiki Module

ok great thanks. Do you have any idea of a time frame?

Also, I don't think it is present in the current version but the "Add Page" function is sort of weird. You have to go to the Edit Page URL but with the extension of the name of the page you would like to add. So I created a link where the page title would be "TITLE" and hopefully all my users understand to change out the title with what they want to call the page.

Also, in the text box where it's like, what is the parent page to this page, the user has to type in the page name exactly that they want it to fall under. Some people might not even fill this out not understanding what it is. This is where the category functionality needs to come in. You should be able to make categories in the admin area and then have a drop down select to choose what category the new page will fall under.

I'll Pay for Points/Rewards Module


I really want to encourage my (future) users to post on my site. I currently have the Social Network, Yogurt module (along with a lot of other ones).

I would like a new module/plugin that will reward users a pre-determined amount of points every time they do certain activities (write an article in AMS, vote in a Xoops Poll, take a myQuiz, post on the Newbbex forum, etc). Each activity will have its own amount of points (see bottom for more details). Perhaps the amount of points they get for each activity can be adjusted in the backend.

I would like their Social Network profile to display the number of points they have on their profile.

Then, I would like there to be a section on my page for rewards with some kind of support in the backend where I can add/edit/remove rewards. If a user has enough points they can redeem their points for a reward. The redemption will automatically subtract that number of points from their account and the updated total will be displayed on their Social Network profile.

I know a little bit of php and MySQL and I have another site (not using Xoops) that I was able to successfully create this type of development for. However, I'm still getting used to the Xoops structure and I have A LOT of installed modules and they are all set up in different ways so it's a little confusing to me.

Here are the things I want them to get points for. The limitations just prevent people from doing the same activity over and over (spamming mostly) just to get points. For example: under the first one below, they can comment how ever many times they want on an AMS article, but they will only get points for ONE comment on a single article. They can also write multiple articles per day but only get 50 points for each of their first 5 articles of the day. There are also character/word limits so they actually make meaningful posts and don't try to spam.

Module: Article Management System
Activity: Writing an Article
-- Points: 50 points
-- Limitations: must be at least 500 words. flood control, 5 per day
Activity: Commenting on an Article
-- Points: 10
-- Limitations: once per article

Module: Simplywiki
Activity: Writing a Wiki
-- Points: 100
-- Limitations: 5 per day
Activity: Editing a Wiki
-- Points: 25
-- Limitations: changes have to be approved

Module: myDownloads (or another download mod)
Activity: Creating a download
-- Points: 5
-- Limitations: flood control, 10 per day
Activity: Commenting on a download
-- Points: 10
-- Limitations: once per download

Module: myReviews (or another review mod)
Activity: Writing a Review
-- Points: 100
-- Limitations: Once per account. Must be at least 500 words.

Module: Newbbex
Activity: Creating a forum topic
-- Points: 10
-- Limitations: if it is removed by moderator for whatever reason, points will be deducted from account
Activity: Writing on the forum
-- Points: 5
-- Limitations: flood control, 10 posts maximum in 20 minutes

Module: myQuiz (or another quiz mod)
Activity: Creating a quiz
-- Points: 15
-- Limitations: 5 per day
Activity: Submitting a quiz question
-- Points: 1
-- Limitations: 10 per day
Activity: Participating in a quiz
-- Points: 25
-- Limitations: once per quiz

Module: Social Network (yogurt)
Activity: Creating a tribe/group
-- Points: 25
-- Limitations: once per account, points are deducted when they leave or delete the group they created
Activity: Joining a group
-- Points: 10
-- Limitations: once per account
Activity: Adding a friend
-- Points: 5
-- Limitations: once per user added (can't add, delete and re-add same user for points)
Activity: Writing on a friend's wall
-- Points: 1 point
-- Limitations: flood control max 5 posts in 20 minutes, post must be at least 10 characters.

Module: Xoops Poll
Activity: Participating in a poll
-- Points: 25
-- Limitations: once per poll

Module: UserPage
Activity: Creating a user page
-- Points: 50
-- Limitations: once per account

Module: xDonations
Activity: Donating money
Points: Equal to the amount they donate x5

Re: Multisite !

I too need help with this mod. I have read a little bit on multisites in the module depository. I set up a subdomain and pointed the directory the same as the root install of the script but then when I went to the subdomain in my browser I got an error message. I forgot what it said but I think it was along the lines of 404.

Also, I'm not entirely sure what the capabilities of this multisite mod is but I'm looking for the following features and I'm wondering what is the best is to go about getting them (multisite or separate installations)

1.) I want to have one domain and lots of subdomains off of it. I would like to use one install of the script and one database because I want users to be able to navigate to any of the subdomains and their information and stats still be intact.
2.) I want the layout to change with each multisite which I know is possible with the mod
3.) However, say my site is about movies or something (which it is not). I want my user to be able to go to movie site #1 and all the content there to be about that movie. The polls, articles, news stories, forum, etc will all be about just that movie #1. Then the user would navigate to movie #2's site and all the information on that site would be about just that movie. If the user navigates to the main domain (without a subdomain in from of the url) then the user will see a mix of content from all of the movies.

best downloads mod

I'm currently using myDownloads and as far as I can tell, only admins can create downloads. I notice there are alot of download mods out there but a lot of mod developers don't write in depth descriptions about there mods. Is there a module for downloads where

1.) Users can upload files or provide external links for files to be downloaded instead of just the admins
2.) If the file is an image, can the description of the file include a small thumbnail of the file. Using myDownloads, I've uploaded Wallpapers for people to download but there is no way of them being able to preview what the file looks like without downloading them

Aside from those two points above which I believe myDownloads is lacking, I am also looking for

3.) Downloads to be sorted by category with availability for unlimited categories and subcategories.
4.) Permissions control. Some users are excluded from downloaded certain individual files or entire categories. Users can create downloads in certain categories automatically while some are banned and others require approval from the admins.

yata yata, same as myDownloads.

NOTE: I downloaded PD-Downloads and it worked for like 2 hours then it stopped working before I even made changes to anything on my site.

Re: Best Wiki Module

is there a wiki mod that allows categories? I am currently using simplywiki and I created a page, then I created several pages under it. I want the parent page to act as a "category" and display links to all the pages that are under it, sorted by alphabetical order



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