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Posted on: 2010/8/20 16:34
Windigo (Show more)
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News edit page blank!!

I'm using 2.0 xoops
Problem started with NEWS 1.44 after I uploaded a backup of my xoops directory onto my server because it one day was randomly empty (I may have been hacked). After upload I can still see all of my content due to my sqldata still being intact server side. But for some odd reason every time I go to click edit on a news post I get a blank page that says "Edit Article."

I also uninstalled 1.44 and put 1.56 on, uploaded my sql data, and same problem.

What am I missing?


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Posted on: 2010/8/21 20:12
Tazman_al (Show more)
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Re: News edit page blank!!

I wonder if the permissions settings have been lost?
Can you see them in the admin side?