Questions about Profile Module and New User Registrations
  • 2010/7/6 23:53

  • par14h

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Hello Fellow XOOPS Users!

I have put together a web space for the exclusive use of my residential community and Homeowners Association using version 2.4.4 and I have discovered I need to make some (What I think are) small alterations to the Profile Module and I need some help to make them actually happen. Since I have absolutely no programming skill beyond a Semester of Programming Logic and a pinch of Visual Basic, I definitely appreciate any help I can get.

Since this is a private site intended for the homeowners, I need to be able to see registrant details before activating the accounts. therefore:

1) How can I edit the email I get when a person registers for an account on my site? I get two emails, one says "username" has registered for an account and the other is an activation key, a link I can click to approve the registration and activate the account. What's the point of requiring registration and account activation if site admins have to activate accounts blind? I really need the contents of multiple fields included in the email so I can verify the account is legit and not some random Internet surfer registering with bogus info to get a look around.

2) If I happen to be logged in my administrator account on my site and decide to look at the user list and find a new un-activated account, How can I look at the profile and authenticate the account without activating it first? Again, I have to activate an account BEFORE I can validate it, which defeats the purpose of requiring registration and Admin activation.

So please, does anyone have any ideas or a nifty How-To that's written for Non-programming admins like me?


Re: Questions about Profile Module and New User Registrations
  • 2010/7/7 6:35

  • ghia

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You can see the users' profile with
or edit it with
The required user id number to replace the ###### is in the email.

Re: Questions about Profile Module and New User Registrations
  • 2010/7/11 1:12

  • par14h

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cool.. this will show me un-activated users? I'll try it. I'd still like to change the emails that I get. I still get one that says,

KermitFrog has just registered!

and another one that says, well, everyone here knows whatthe second email looks like. I'd just like to get one email that says sometihng like,

A new user has just registered!


To approve this new registration, please click this link.

Re: Questions about Profile Module and New User Registrations
  • 2010/7/31 14:47

  • par14h

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here's a shortcut I eventually found to solve the problem of being able to view registrant details before activating the accounts.

First, don't click the nifty icon that says "Edit Users" that is found on the Administration page. I'm not sure why the page it takes you to exists, but it's not where you (if your goals are the same as mine) want to be. from the toolbar, click Modules > Profile.

THis next screen looks much like the one the aforementioned icon takes you to, but this has tabs for different features (Users, Categories, Fields, etc.) if you select the userID from this page, you will see all the fields in the registration form including a pair of radio buttons for Active and Inactive. This page shows me the address so I can verify the user before activating the account.




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