Documenting Team - Looking for members!!!

I am looking at forming a team for documenting the Modules Team and the Core Teams changes in the wiki and to go through the forum and find discussion topics to turn help sheets and guidances manuals.

I am looking for anyone with a Technical Writing background that wants to contribute to XOOPS under my team management to document the XOOPS Core, XOOPS Modules & XOOPS Hacks.

Part of what makes a good product is the team behind explaining how to use it.. XOOPS is no exception. With most books on XOOPS in other languages apart from English there is a need for documenting to be concise and easy to form.

Ideally I am looking for a team of 10 people.. Both male and female and the role comes with training and support references material.. I am looking to change my role at XOOPS from the core under-write to documentation manager.

You can contact me about this by the following way:

IF you don't have 8 - 15 hours a fortnight to dedicate to documenting XOOPS then please do not apply, there are no age restrictions and some young guns would be good.

I have noticed with the younger crowd here at XOOPS they feel that there age is a hindrance on getting involved, if you are between the ages of 16 to 65 these are ideal ages to sign up and get motivated -- so please write me an email attach your resume if you have one (This is voluntary/charity role) and send it to your senior XOOPS Developer.

You need to have at least a written language in english (other languages desirable for translating) and need to have medium to advance technical writing skills.

Re: Documenting Team - Looking for members!!!
  • 2010/2/8 21:10

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I can provide support for documentation in Russian, is ready to present their work. But the lack of sufficient free time does not allow to be engaged in the documentation in full. From time to time can help.

Re: Documenting Team - MSN Group

To streamline the documentation process it has been decided to use MSN Groups for a workflow analysis of the process as we do for many things in XOOPS.

If you are interested in joining you will need to have an MSN account and you will need to sign up to this group ::http://xoops-doc-team.groups.live.com/

Re: Documenting Team - Looking for members!!!
  • 2010/3/11 8:25

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I have create an account... but I will not be available before the beginning of April

Re: Documenting Team - Looking for members!!!

please sign up to the grouphttp://xoops-doc-team.groups.live.com/ tommy, we would like as much assistance as possible.

Re: Documenting Team - Looking for members!!!

Signed Up.
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Re: Documenting Team - Looking for members!!!

by Bandit-X on 2010/5/1 14:12:58

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Yeah thanks bandit, I really enjoyed that chat we had, we may have to correlate over email, I am not normally awake when you are?

I was hoping you could start a planning document for the module 'knowledge' - I still think the client/server soap approach like what i have done for xortify would be best, as xoops.org has xsoap and a few plugins already, i reacon they should enable the user ones so we can have a xoops cloud, they will have to for this module anyway for accessing the admin side.

I think the approach should be something similar to a xcode book writer a bit like genobio, but for writting a book on something. Why a book? Aren't - Books the source of all knowledge!

I am thinking somewhere in the client to be able with TCPDF make a book compiler where people can compile help references with the sections they want in it.

We will have to make a module that allows people in the Xoops Documentation group on xoops.org to log in via the client and edit and submit document, we need to find a document tree I saw a YUI one that looked interesting a bit like the old days of msn.

The server that will sit on xoops.org will have to have a display system for clients and an admin, the client can be preferences and front or maybe only system admin display only.

I would like to have something that looks like burning enterprises for when he is ready..

It needs to be multilingual so we need to have language selectable or input-able in the input, this will have to be with the new UNICODE fields method through the soap and in storage as it will mean what ever format we encounter the text is still exactly reproducible.

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Re: Documenting Team - Looking for members!!!

thanks for the re-invite.
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