Re: Error: Smarty error: the $compile_dir '/xoops_data/caches/smarty_compile'
  • 2010/2/16 8:00

  • Mamba

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OK, it's fixed.

You've got confused with the whole /xoops_lib and /xoops_data directories.

The problem was that you've created something like this:


The permissions for caches/smarty_compile were set correctly in /xoops_data2, but wrongly in the /xoops_data, and since mainfile.php was pointing to /xoops_data, you were getting errors.

Similar situation with the /xoops_lib. But here the permission were not important. The problem was that the Protector couldn't see its files in the /xoops_lib, so all modules in the install were not visible.

Anyway, this now fixed, and it should worked. I've installed the Protector module for you, and you can install the other two.

I also moved these xoops_lib and xoops_data directories out of you document root, so you should be now all set.

Good luck and happy Xoopsing!

Re: Error: Smarty error: the $compile_dir '/var/www/html/xoops/htdocs/xoops_data/caches/smarty_compile'
  • 2010/2/16 19:29

  • qolspony

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Thanks Mamba for your assistance. I'm most appreciable for the time you have given me. As of this time, this current manner has resolved.

Thanks again.

Re: Error: Smarty error: the $compile_dir '/var/www/html/xoops/htdocs/xoops_data/caches/smarty_compile'
  • 2010/2/16 20:15

  • Mamba

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You're welcome - I'm glad I was able to help and resolve it.

I saw that you have couple more Websites in planning.

You can reuse the your /xoops_lib equivalent for them as well (just pointing to it as you did in your current Websites mainfile.php).

However, you would have to set up individual /xoops_data folders for each of the new Websites (and call them whatever you want).

Re: Error: Smarty error: the $compile_dir 'htdocs/xoops_data/ caches/smarty_compile'
  • 2013/9/11 11:54

  • piyush410

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i have a same problem in xoops 2.5
how can solve it?
give me your contact i need your help.


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