Re: working on yogurt module
  • 2009/5/14 18:01

  • pablo103

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Well, Google friend connect would me a good alternative, but there is no interest of XOOPS developers so far. Have a look at this http://www.google.com/friendconnect

Re: working on yogurt module
  • 2009/5/14 18:33

  • NetButch

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Elgg may be a good start, has anyone looked at creating a XOOPS module from the ELGG code?

you can try elgg at my test site http://www.netbutch.com/eggs


Re: working on yogurt module
  • 2009/5/14 21:39

  • Kiwi_Chris

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the google gadgets is not bad if your not running a social website and you want to add some social aspects.

Elgg, is a good system but as I am in a shared webhosting my host advises I can not run it.

Re: working on yogurt module

im already building a major Elgg site
and trying to get XOOPS around it
but i dont see it working without a MAJOR MAJOR re-coding

Re: working on yogurt module
  • 2009/5/16 4:37

  • Kiwi_Chris

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Problem with Elgg is its not much good on a shared hosting environment. Even on the sites that support it advise this.

Then it becomes a price thing - because you start needing VPS or Dedicated Hosting.

Re: working on yogurt module
  • 2009/5/26 17:56

  • xgarb

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kudos to people who are putting their time into Yogurt but I think it is missing the point of XOOPS in that you have the core and then you add the bits you want to make the site you want. Some might choose one module over another for a purpose (ie one gallery module might be chosen for it's simplicity or another for features). Sticking loads of functions into one module stops this from working.

My opinion is the basic social networking features should be built into the core so modules can call on them as necessary.

Functions such as Comments, Ratings, Recommendations, Polls, Member links, Tags, Notifications etc should have basic versions in the core that every module can hook into. These should be written in a way that enables enhanced versions to be dropped in as modules.

It's tricky to get the balance right between a streamline core and having basic functionality that all modules have access to.

I mentioned this a looooooong time ago but XOOPS for me was always a Community Management System rather than a Content Management System.

Re: working on yogurt module
  • 2009/5/30 22:13

  • TheShadow

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I am sure if somebody offers to pay for a such conversion, there will be developers who will be willing to do it, because they would treat it just as another client engagement.

Mowaffaq offered 1000 USD to develop Yogurt.
Maybe you guys missed his offer.

Re: working on yogurt module
  • 2010/1/4 9:13

  • aslani606

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develop Yogurt.????!!!

Re: working on yogurt module
  • 2010/1/4 15:45

  • ipwgc

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SocialNet 2010, is not the same thing that yogurt,

1. The codes were translated from portuguese to english and changed for $socialnet

2. The names and the codes were changed and adapted for the integration of the 11 modules and sections that are participating of the SocialNet project.

3. In SocialNet 2010 doesn't exist any sentence or word related to yogurt.

4. Fallow the turorial from here, I'm working on this tuturial for USERS and for WEBMASTERS

5. Prove and download from here http://www.ipwgc.com/socialnet/modules/TDMDownloads/

David Yanez Osses


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