Casino Companies like Solid Internet (byet/ofees)

IN recent years I have been hosting with a casino operating and adult services website hosting called solid internet. There systems performed really badly I mean for those that have attempted to download from the bin.chronolabs.org.au or accessed my site which normally at least on average has 10 people online downloading something or viewing an article.

They locked me out of my control panel you can see the video at my skydriver account it is the same software that is a custom build that also runs 0fees (byet hosting) one of those subsidiaries that is use to farm the market for casino operating statistics.

I have been developing software and using the internet for just on 20 years. So I know when a technician is bull sh!tting to me or sending complete dribble and vomit in the ticker. Unfortunately I would have to say they are a hosting company from Western Australia, at least that is where telewest hails from. They contacted me when i first registered my domain chronolabs to say I 'orginally' hosted with them but I know that was in fact servage was where I hosted first - where with telewest; I saw a complete epistemic repeat of the actions and control mechanism of service providers like that throwing there screaming baby tracks through the screen at people.

So with little more than FTP access I had to generate a SQL Dump with MySQL so I wrote this piece of code, but they locked me out before I could download the shower or ETE. It will generate a SQL dump in the upload folder of your MySQL service on your xoops.. Just call it SQLDUMP.php or something in your root of your XOOPS installation.

["nocommon"] = true;

$file fopen(XOOPS_ROOT_PATH.'/uploads/sqldump-.'.time().'.sql''w');
$sql get_structure();


$tables mysql_list_tables($db); 
    while (
$td mysql_fetch_array($tables)) 
$table $td[0]; 
$r mysql_query("SHOW create TABLE `$table`"); 
        if (
$insert_sql ""
$d mysql_fetch_array($r); 
$d[1] .= ";"
$sql[] = str_replace("n"""$d[1]); 
$table_query mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `$table`"); 
$num_fields mysql_num_fields($table_query); 
            while (
$fetch_row mysql_fetch_array($table_query)) 
$insert_sql .= "INSERT INTO $table VALUES("
                for (
$m $n 1
$insert_sql .= "'".mysql_real_escape_string($fetch_row[$m])."', "
$insert_sql substr($insert_sql,0,-2); 
$insert_sql .= ");n"
            if (
$insert_sql!= ""
$sql[] = $insert_sql


It is simple but effective and at least I got my chronolabs website minus a couple of tables that the hosting provider deleted for some reason. The problem is I don't gamble down to the point where the geno for gambling has been genetically altered in myself to be removed with some nanosurgery they do this with some operators of code. So for a casino company reliant on generic cursors to operate themselves correctly in screen impression, with me took a big gamble.. cause I don't.. I can't..



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