Sports moudle: Rosters e Championships
  • 2009/8/24 4:42

  • jalone

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Hi i'm looking for some modules (xoops 2.3.3)
that can help me to manage the several championships of my Sport Team ( Basketball in my case but it would be better for any kind of sport )?
I need something that llow me to easily create:
-a Roster page ( list of the palyer of each category team )
-a Sportive Calendar ( the list of the match and date/result )
-a Page for the comment to associate for each match.

i'm going to build it as my first module ( starting from the roster module )...but i think i will need some months...and the campionship start in few week... :)
I see there are some old modules for golf, cricket or computer game. I wanted to recycle them, but they are too old.
If some one have an idea only for one of the 3 requests..
Thanks anyway!

Re: Sports moudle: Rosters e Championships
  • 2009/8/24 8:34

  • ghia

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You could combine three modules for that.
For the roster, could be anything as module from blang (ghost), html pages, articles (News), up to something as Formulize. For calendar eg extCal and for the matches could be also News, which can contain a report and have comments or a link to a forum thread for commenting.
Important is that you provide enough links to go back and forth from one 'view' to the other.

Re: Sports moudle: Rosters e Championships
  • 2009/8/24 14:21

  • jalone

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in absence of anything more specific it's what I am doing. I hope to make everything easy, becouse the system has to be used by not expert :|

for roster i'm looking at content 1.3 it's perfect, the only problem is that it's hard to make link from a page to another ( create a page, create the other go to see the ID of the firts and create the link with ID on the second :| ). I will try to make a button to link other pages...

edit: i forgot... tanks you :)

Re: Sports moudle: Rosters e Championships
  • 2009/9/17 10:34

  • Mazarin

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If you want a module for keeping track of a league and have a league table, TplLeagueStats is an old, but working module which is fairly good. I use it for my team on 2.3.2b


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