xSSiM - A xoops Super Simple image Manager

We´re really proud to announce a new (because all code are new) image manager for Xoops.

Integrated on core, with features like resize, auto-thumb generation to have a preview in admin, possibility to create folders&subfolders, multiupload & more, this is the xSSiM - A XOOPS Super Simple image Manager, one idea from Celseven & HispaXoops.

At the momment, we can offer some screenshots because is under developing. We are testing & a.s.a.p. you'll have the first version of it, hope definitely.

A few pics on our official blog, in spanish

Special thanks to Celseven because is putting all efforts to get the best with it.

Hope you´ll like it All comments, suggestions, features or others are welcome!!!

Re: xSSiM - A xoops Super Simple image Manager

looks promising! compliments

Re: xSSiM - A xoops Super Simple image Manager


more than this It´s working & some features will be added on a next & not so far future.

I believe Celseven is doing a really big job with this.

Many thanks for your comments.

Re: xSSiM - A xoops Super Simple image Manager
  • 2009/9/7 22:31

  • trabis

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I'm with Urban: looks promising!

If you are thinking on using preloads please say in what places we are needing hooks so we can deliver it before 2.4 final.


Re: xSSiM - A xoops Super Simple image Manager
  • 2009/9/7 23:09

  • Mamba

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Congratulations - it does look promising!

One comment - personally I would prefer to have all "author credit/advertisement" in the "About" tab. As you look into older modules, the developers in the past, IF they put any links to their Websites (besides the source code), it was in the About Tab, or via a small button at the bottom.

This is the second module where I see a "oversized", "in your face" logos and advertisement, and personally I hope, we'll go away from it. Everybody deserves a credit for their work, but let's do it in nice and humble way.

Re: xSSiM - A xoops Super Simple image Manager


thanks a lot for comments & offer. At the momment, these screnshots are to show that we're under test before go far away.


many thanks too ! We're really exciting doing this, testing features & more.

One comment - this is not a module, it´s a new one image manager. All oversized logos (none here) & advertisement you see over screenshots are a fast "watermark" made with Paint (fast, easily... for people like me), hehehe. It only looks a link called
Celseven under the last line, at bottom, no more. We try to learn every step we do, please, be patience. We have all time to do great things, remember it.

Anyway, we´re starting with it, it´s the right time for suggestions, new ideas, criticize (bad & good welcome ) and all you wish into a image manager.

I think this "image manager" could be a "media manager", but time, patience & knowledge

Celseven will be some busy next four months. We´re developing many projects at same time & really we need more free time, anyway, we will continue with this until finalize, hope fore 2009 ends.

Re: xSSiM - A xoops Super Simple image Manager
  • 2009/9/8 6:21

  • Mazarin

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Looks promising indeed. This would be a good addition/upgrade. :)

Re: xSSiM - A xoops Super Simple image Manager
  • 2009/9/8 10:27

  • sabahan

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i think there is several work on image manager before this...

https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewto ... at&order=ASC&type=&mode=0
please combine it and put it core

Re: xSSiM - A xoops Super Simple image Manager


thanks !!! May it will be an upgrade, i can't promise anything


it's not the same like this. They use ImageMagick with standard sizes (indeed i use this hack over HispaXoops, not for much time) & we´re using over GD2 libraries. I think you mean a similar visual graphs... maybe, but both works really very different & xSSiM it's trying to be Super Simple

Thanks all for comments, suggestions, requests.... all welcome (cold beers for me allowed)

Re: xSSiM - A xoops Super Simple image Manager
  • 2009/9/16 12:51

  • Burning

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That looks great.

And there are other enchancements about XOOPS Images manager :
• Ajax image manager 0.1 (luciorota1) : http://luciorota.altervista.org/xoops/modules/wfdownloads/
• Hack gestionnaire d'images 2.0 (DonCurioso) : http://www.hispaxoops.com/

I hope it will be in next XOOPS release



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