external css & js
  • 2009/2/20 15:37

  • johntrot

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How do I use external css and javascripts in my html files that I place in a custom block
john b

Re: external css & js
  • 2009/5/26 21:33

  • zzzzsg

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good question.
i'm also trying to include javascript in a custom block.
no luck. it just does not run.

Re: external css & js
  • 2009/5/27 2:12

  • mboyden

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Scripts should be done just like any of the others in your site, such as:
<script type="text/j-a-v-a-s-c-r-i-p-t" src="path from web root/file.js"></script>

(of course, remove the hyphens, used to prevent protector from protecting). You can do the same thing for the css, although I usually would suggest putting that into your theme's CSS.

As to the javascript in a custom block, zzzzsg, that specific issue will require some debugging. Javascript WILL run in a custom block just fine, but there is a problem with that particular code.
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Re: external css & js
  • 2009/6/14 16:44

  • culex

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A good place to look is here if you aim to place script in your block template

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