Xoops Rocks!!!
  • 2009/2/7 13:50

  • peterbell

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Can anyone help with the very few remaining hiccups I'm having with my XOOPS 2.3.2b installation?

First of all, XOOPS rocks big time!!!! Here's a list of all the modules I'm currently running, virtually trouble-free:

User Profile
Documentation center
Small ads
Google Talk
Event Guide
Web Links
Private Messaging
Instant Messenger
My comments
OpenID Auth
Job Listings

This type of performance is, in my opinion, unheard of in the CMS arena where modules are used and even completely unschooled users are encouraged. Bravo!!! Congratulations to a magnificient piece of work...

However, there are a couple of remaining issues which I just don't seem able to be able to solve. They're relatively small, should be easy to fix, but I just can't seem to do it. Here they are:

1. When any of the normal registered users tries to "view account" or view "user profile", all that comes up is a blank page. (right now we only have two registered users since the site is still in the testing stage). Yet when then go to "edit account" all of their info comes up and is viewable. However, no such problem exists with the webmaster (me). I can "view account", view "user profile" and "edit account" and everything works just fine... What gives here?

2. No matter what I try, I can't change the permissions on the "downloads" module to enable anyone to use it, not even me, the webmaster. I've toggled the permissions several times, but to no avail. The toggle never seems to stick. What's going on here?

3. Last, but not least, inside the "administration" panel, when I hit the menu "news" at the top of the panel, I get the following error message:

"XmlParse error: not well-formed(invalid token) at line 43".

If I could just get some help on these last three items, the site would be working perfectly and, with that out of the way, I think I could convince my client to choose XOOPS among all other CMS programs to use for her new site, a very large public site used to service inventors worldwide...

Hope you can help! And thanks for producing what appears to be such a great program....

Thanks again.

Peter Bell

Re: Xoops Rocks!!!
  • 2009/2/7 14:32

  • ghia

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I won't ask why you need so much duplicated and triplicated functionality ...

1. Do anonymous users have access to the profile module?
2. Is that in the admin group permissions for modules? Modules can have also permission settings as part of eg. their category settings.
3. Try to use another admin theme then EXM, like default or legacy.

Re: Xoops Rocks!!!
  • 2009/2/8 14:33

  • peterbell

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I've installed all the modules that I can find that will work with 2.3.2b so that the client can see the type of functionality associated with each and determine which ones she wants incorporated into her site.

In answer to your suggestions/questions:

1. As far as I can tell, anonymous users do not have access to the profile module. When they click on the "user profile" link it brings up a login/registration page that they need to deal with before they can move forward onto the site or to view any of that info...

2. I'm not sure I understand your second question/comment. The admin (me) has full permissions and except for the "news" menu at the top in the middle of the Administration Panel (the third error I mentioned above), everything works fine as long as I'm in the admin mode.

3. I tried to use another admin theme (in fact I tried all three) with the same result.

By the way, I decided to uninstall the "Downloads" module. Given the tremendous number of modules that do work fine, I'm hoping that the missing module will be relatively unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Even the error message using the "news" menu is no big deal, since only I will see that (it won't be viewed by anyone else).

However, a registered user not being able to see their account or the profile unless their trying to edit it is a BIG PROBLEM and could kill my ability to convince the client to use XOOPS for the CMS.

If you have any other suggestions, I'd sure appreciate hearing them as I've grown rather fond of XOOPS in the meantime.

Thanks very much for any help you or anyone else can provide.


Re: Xoops Rocks!!!
  • 2009/2/10 14:50

  • mboyden

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This profile behavior is by design. Look at the view permissions in the profile module which is where you can allow various groups to view the info of various groups (highly configurable). You also need to grant the anonymous group access to the module in permissions. Profiles will allow you to do what you need to do.

I hadn't seen the error that you talk about with the news link, but that's a piece that pulls RSS news from the xoops.org website and shows it inline in the admin area. I use the ThAdmin module and it's not even available there. Really, you should go directly to the xoops.org website, and personally, I think all links like that should take you to the xoops.org site (in a new window of course).

Finally, a few other modules, you'll want to explore (and somehow missed in your seemingly exhaustive list, although several are administrative in nature rather than end-user functional):
- ThAdmin
- AltSys
- Protector
- Backup/Restore
- Extended Waiting Contents Block
- iStats
- XOOPSinfo
- XOOPScare
- SmartSection
- SmartFAQs

Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of XOOPS. It does truly rock!
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