Newbb not work - empty form on newbb create category/forum - error in xoopseditor script
  • 2008/8/21 22:12

  • sakyant

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hello i am new here, i just installed newbb on top of my old one and when i try to make new category or forum i just get a white screen...
also when i try to post new topic or reply here on the http://xoopsforge.com/modules/newbb/
forum i get a white screen!
what is wrong 9? i have installed newbb on XOOPS in 3 different domains and none of them work!
if i try to post on the test forum that is automaticaly created, then i get the following error message

Fatal error: Call to a member function render() on a non-object in /www/htdocs/sensis/yantpedia/home/public/Frameworks/xoops22/class/xoopsform/formeditor.php on line 36
I am not a developer, so i cannot figure it out..i re-uploaded all files again and reinstalled module but to no avail!
can anyone help me please?
extra info;
the sak-yant.com domain has a 2005 version of XOOPS still which has not been nupdated (i dare not as i am scared the same bug will happen as did with the bbforum, i had 2000 members on that forum and it seems to be lost now as i can reinsert the table info into the db as tables are different from older version and it seems to complex to re-adapt categories and table info inserts therein for me.
whatever, the other domains all have php5 installed and i installed the XOOPS community package entirely on all 3.
None of them work!
the new bb forum has a bug in the admin category and new forum interface (click on new forum or category and the form page it leads to has no textfields or tickboxes/selctboxes - only a blank page in place of the html form with the header "create new category/forum".
So off i go to the frontend to try to post or edit the test post and forum...
http://www.sak-yant.com/yantpedia/hom ... ewbb/newtopic.php?forum=1
this leads to a blank page
The title of the test post is there..
but when i click on replyt takes a few moments hanging in the browser then i get this error message
http://www.sak-yant.com/yantpedia/hom ... ic.php?topic_id=1&forum=1

Fatal error: Call to a member function render() on a non-object in /www/htdocs/sensis/yantpedia/home/public/Frameworks/xoops22/class/xoopsform/formeditor.php on line 36

on the xoopsforge developer forums (the one with the blogger sklin), there are also white screens when trying to post or reply
quick reply form appears but does not appear after saving post.
How come i get this problem but don't seem to see anyone else mentioning this problem. Obviously the module program works for most of you.
I have 200 members complaining and sending me mail and i really am not a programmer so i can't find why the "render" object is nonexistent as i don't know where that object is defined in another file somewhere.And evven if i found the snippet of code i probably wouldn't know how to correct it.
If the developer forums are getting white screens and they can't fix it, then i should start to worry about the safeness of using XOOPS bb3 in future.
Of curse this is the nature of using open source stuff (no support), and i do find the XOOPS cms to be my favourite of all cms programs including paid ones.
Thanks to all people on XOOPS for the good things, but please can someone give me some leads on what is happening with the newbb?
and if someone knows what my problem is and how i can solve it pleas please tell me!

Re: Newbb not work - empty form on newbb create category/forum - error in xoopseditor script
  • 2008/8/21 22:21

  • Mamba

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Could you please provide us with the following information:

PHP Version
XOOPS Version
Newbb version

This always helps to know what kind of environment you have.
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs

Re: Newbb not work - empty form on newbb create category/forum - error in xoopseditor script
  • 2008/8/21 22:40

  • sakyant

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Yes the XOOPS version on 2 sites is the lates one downloaded a week ago
as to bb version it is the version in the current community pack from sourcefourge.
The one domain that i updated forum only without updating the XOOPS version is difficult to say, as on the footer the php echo prints "
Powered by XOOPS_VERSION © 2001-2005 The XOOPS Project" so it prints the variable not the html...obviously there is a faulty piece of code somewher in the php that tells me the XOOPS version.

This domain has some additonal causes for the problems i think, but it is anyway irrelevant because the other 2 domains have the latest community packs installed as a new installation, so should work
php is latest php5 but can switch to 4.1 if necessary
hope this is of use.
Thank you for your extremely quick reply too.. by the way i got 3 white screens here too on trying to post this message. only after going to invbox did i see that one of them succeeded, because of a message saying my post is there.. is this a bug in your newbb too?

Re: Newbb not work - empty form on newbb create category/forum - error in xoopseditor script
  • 2008/8/21 22:49

  • sakyant

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i got asnother whi8te screen after that last post too... on my profile page here it says i have made 0 posts but then all my posts (4) are listed at the bottom of profle page!
obviously this newbb is also going insane..
If the xoop on xoops.org is not working properly then how can the users get it to work?
This is really bad for the guys at XOOPS you know, if the website of the developers doesnt work properly, then how can it instill trust in the enduser?
I come here often and see a maintenance screen which means the need for constant fiddling...
A developer loves fiddling, but someone with a community of 2000 people needs efficiency with the least bugs possible.
But of course there is no room to complain as XOOPS is free adn it has many good things to it's credit.. i just wish people would sometimes know when to stop re-hacking and leave what already works alone - more code more bugs.
I wouldn't mind if i was testing i could have fun solving the problems but because i have a working site and community that is now paralyzed (plus loss of daily funds from google adsense, which i live on), i am under pressure to solve the problem.
Im not sure if anyone can help me though as it seems the XOOPS developers here cant even get their own forum to not "whitescreen"...



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