WF-Downloads 3.2 RC2 - Now Available
  • 2008/5/10 20:12

  • tom

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Fellow unnamed CMS Users & Xoopsers, The SmartFactory is very proud to announce the release of its latest work: WF-Downloads 3.2 RC2 !

What is WF-Downloads?

WF-Downloads is an advanced Downloads module for your XOOPS 2.x site. With this powerful module, you can easily set a downloads section on your site and offer unlimited amount of files to your users. The module supports subcategories, has a fully integrated permissions system as well as a complete notifications system.

You can even allow your users to submit and upload files on your site, given that they have the proper permissions .

The module supports any XOOPS versions between and 2.2.x. although older versions may still work.

What's new in version 3.2 RC 2?

- RSS Feeds for both global & category.

- Integration with Formulize 2.2 Module (this allows customization of the submit form providing you have Formulize 2.2 or later installed)

- Additional Notification Events for modified downloads.

- An option to select upto 4 screenshots per submission.

- Import scripts to import from mydownloads, wmpdownloads & PD-Downloads.

- JSEffects & lightbox added to templates for better aesthetics.

- New Top downloads block added.

- And A LOT of bugfixes (have a look at the changelog within the module package)

Where can I get it ?

First, if you are already using a previous version of WF-Downloads it is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY that you read the module documentation (included in the wfdownloads\docs\english\readme.html) before upgrading the module. This release includes some changes that need your attention in order for the module to work perfectly for you, this is especially important for XOOPS 2.0.x & XOOPS 2.2.x users.

As a usual recommendation : The SmartFactory STRONGLY recommends that you take a full backup before INSTALLING or UPDATING any module.

You can download the module here: WF-Downloads 3.2 RC 2

The language packs are available here : WF-Downloads Language packs. However, please note that, at the time of releasing the module, there is no language packs available for this version, though some are included with the package. We encourage the community to create the different language package needed and submit them on The SmartFactory site.

Help and comments ?

As usual, any comments, bugs or suggestions are welcomed on the SmartDownload Community Support Forum.

THUMBS UP for the SmartFactory Team !

Special thanks to Jan, M0nty, Bender and DavidL, RLankford, Jegelstaff, Skenow & Xavhmn! and all those who have helped in the release of this module.

Enjoy !

Re: WF-Downloads 3.2 RC2 - Now Available
  • 2008/5/10 21:21

  • trabis

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Thumbs up for you to! Thanks :)

Re: WF-Downloads 3.2 RC2 - Now Available
  • 2008/5/11 21:31

  • tom

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Thumbs up for you to! Thanks :)

Cheers for that, but I only informed the community.

(To a moderator - Please could we have this put on as news article where it belongs for other XOOPS users to see - This could be an important upgrade for them once it goes final).

Re: WF-Downloads 3.2 RC2 - Now Available
  • 2008/6/2 8:11

  • jayjay

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I agree. This should be in the news section. This module is widely used by XOOPS users and I have to stumble upon this forum message to find out it's been updated?

Please admin, can you post this item in news?

Re: WF-Downloads 3.2 RC2 - Now Available
  • 2008/6/17 17:21

  • btesec

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WF downloads error when at:

Warning: Class 'XoopsTree' is deprecated, check 'XoopsObjectTree' in tree.php in file /class/xoopstree.php line 45

I am using XOOPS 2.3.3 alpha, any fix please.


Re: WF-Downloads 3.2 RC2 - Now Available
  • 2008/6/17 17:56

  • seobrain

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please test the module in XOOPS 2.0.18 and not with an alpha version of xoops.

Re: WF-Downloads 3.2 RC2 - Now Available


btesec wrote:

I am using XOOPS 2.3.3 alpha, any fix please.


MyDownloads 1.5 (new version) seems to work well with 2.3, well has for me so far on one site.




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