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Posted on: 2008/3/30 21:52
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Using Xoops On A Old HTML Website

I'm a HTML webdesigner. Still kinda newbie. A client has XOOPS as part of their hosting account. She wants to use XOOPS to edit text in the content of her web pages. Can I add XOOPS to her current website or does she need to have the site redesigned in a XOOPS module? If she can use her current site with XOOPS what block can I tie to the center content area of her HTML site and how do I get it there?


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Posted on: 2008/3/30 22:58
Burning (Show more)
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Re: Using Xoops On A Old HTML Website


If you have to use XOOPS (or another CMS), there are some restrictions. One of them, is that you are not 100% free with design.

- XOOPS pages are displayed with theme.html file and css stylesheet(s) linked
- to manage text content you will (should ) use News module (here, with documentation), wich get his own templates (see /modules/news/templates/)

... so you have to make an adaptation ("integration") of your original design.

There is a gabarit that could help you :
- Mor.pho.GEN.e.sis 2.10
- with a quick start guide here

Take a look also about "overriding templates" (very useful)

Still learning CSS and... english


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Posted on: 2008/3/31 14:28
zyspec (Show more)
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Re: Using Xoops On A Old HTML Website

You can "phase over" to XOOPS by included much of the original HTML content inside of a XOOPS site. You can use a module like 'wraps' (available here). It will let you include the html content without having to rewrite the entire site.

Over time you may want to let them start using additional modules (like Burning suggested) to make life even easier and the get the full benefit of a CMS.


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Posted on: 2008/3/31 16:34
abrizan (Show more)
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Re: Using Xoops On A Old HTML Website

Believe it or not There are NO restrictions on what your site can look like using XOOPS however a lot of planning is required.

Check out these articles i wrote a long time ago on how to make a theme out of a html page
http://www.xoopstuner.com/xoops223a/m ... AMS/article.php?storyid=3
http://www.xoopstuner.com/xoops223a/m ... MS/article.php?storyid=12

It takes some effort but you can really unlock the true potential of xoops.

By the Way, you don't need any silly MODULES to add a page to xoops, just read this:
http://www.xoopstuner.com/xoops223a/m ... MS/article.php?storyid=11


Posted on: 2008/3/31 19:50
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Re: Using Xoops On A Old HTML Website

None of the above links, including the one in the sig, work. All give "Page not found" errors.

Shame...... was looking forward to reading them