Can't install modules
  • 2008/1/29 7:54

  • xtremepr

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New uploaded modules are not showing up in my Modules Page under admin. Any clue why XOOPS 2.0.18 is not reading the info from that folder?

Re: Can't install modules

If I remember correctly, I had that problem and it was the folder permissions were not set correctly. See if they are set at 755
https://xoops.org/modules/repository .. It is time to get involved - XOOPS.ORG

Re: Can't install modules
  • 2008/1/29 9:13

  • xtremepr

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Permissions to the module folder are set to 755.

Re: Can't install modules
  • 2008/1/29 12:53

  • Runeher

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I have the exact same problem, but i got some help here.. What you need to do, is to install the modules manually... Go to admin section, open modules and paste this into the adress field in your browser: &op=install&module=name of your module... Just paste it after the text already there: http://www.yoursite.com/modules/system/admin.php?fct=modulesadmin

hope this was helpful...

Note! remember to change "name of your module" to the name of the module you are installing...

Re: Can't install modules
  • 2008/3/11 19:02

  • krooman

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Hello, i am now having the same problem and have done all of the above! Installing manually I get an error message with module already exsists! Help?

Re: Can't install modules
  • 2008/3/11 20:08

  • stefan88

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if the modules not showing, you may have uncompatible module. Try to enable phpdebug (try both modes) and look for errors.

Also remember that some modules require aditional frameworks - smart modules may require smartobject, cbb requires xoopseditors and Frameworks ...

TIP: When instaling new modules, upload and install them one by one, so you will know if some have problem. If you upload many modules at once and one have problem it will be harder to identify.



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