Could not register new user.
  • 2007/9/13 0:55

  • skyjack304

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I,ve looked and searched all over before this post. I am running XOOPS 2.13 And all the sudden my new users can't register. I have 40 that have worked but now it has stoped. I have it set to be activated by web master (Myself). The users are getting a error after filling in there e-mail, user name and password and hitting submit. The error reads (Could not register new user). Any helpfull ideas?
Thanks, Larry

Re: Could not register new user.
  • 2007/9/13 21:54

  • skyjack304

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No ideas/answer from anyone??

Re: Could not register new user.
  • 2007/9/14 1:12

  • Will_H

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Did you check preferences and make sure that the "allow new user reg.." is still set to yes?


Upgrade to 2.0.17

Re: Could not register new user.

check if the cache directory is chmodded 777 .. then maybe check your mail settings.

.registration errors has always been one that i can never figure out.. i just hope and pray.chant.yell 'WORKKK' really loud at my computer monitor..
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Re: Could not register new user.
  • 2007/9/14 5:46

  • debianus

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Re: Could not register new user.
  • 2007/9/14 22:42

  • skyjack304

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Thanks for all the replys.
Yes, (allow new user reg) is checked.
Yes, (cache directory is chmodded 777)
As far as mail settings, I set it for automatic account registration and get the (could not register new user) error.
I looked at the link "debianus" posted to see if I can read up on an answer. It was based on E-mail problems and I cant even get the person trying to Register to go thru with automatic registration/no approval needed.

Anyone else know a link or have a suggestion? Thanks

I tried to upgrade last night to "2.0.17" and followed the read me, but when I typed inmy web address http://www.ratz.fatpipeshosting.com/xoops/modules/newbb/
and added the "/upgrade/" after the adress 4 different ways:
Following .com, following /xoops, following /modules, and following //newbb. I get a error and the update does not come up. Here is what the read me says:

Upgrading from any XOOPS ranging from 2.0.7 to (using the full package):
1. Move the "upgrade" folder inside the "htdocs" folder (it's been kept out as it's not needed for full installs)
2. Delete htdocs/mainfile.php, and htdocs/install
3. Upload the content of the htdocs folder over your existing files
4. Delete the following folders and files from your server (they belong to an old version):
* class/smarty/core
* class/smarty/plugins/resource.db.php
5. Empty the templates_c folder (except index.html)
6. Ensure the server can write to mainfile.php
7. Access /upgrade/ using your browser, and follow the instructions
8. Write-protect mainfile.php again
9. Remove the upgrade folder after use
10. Update the "system" module from the modules administration interface

THANKS ALL for the input, when I find the fix I'll post what fixed it.

Re: Could not register new user.
  • 2007/11/21 21:13

  • colderan

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OK, first of all, I've looked to (maybe) every post regarding this issue. Tried everything, but nothing worked. I'm running version with little chance to upgrade (yet). I got this issue after migrating to a new server, so I assumed I screwed something up in the process, as most of the posts here led me to think. Well, I didn't see anything like this in other posts, so I'm posting it now: version DOES NOT WORK with PHP 5. Several pages use get_class() function and compare the results with a hardcoded, all lower case, string. The bad thing is that classes are named like "XoopsUser" instead of "xoopsuser". This behavior was introduced in PHP5. It turns out that the query never makes it to the database because it fails in the first condition (kernel/user.php):

if (get_class($user) != 'xoopsuser') {
return false;

resulting in the dreaded "Could not register new user" without any further debugging information.

Now to the ranting...

I really missed a FAQ addressing this issue. There are maybe 100+ posts with the same problem! Searching for this message in this (great) site provided hundreds of hits, most of them duplicated (i.e. a hit for every post in a single thread). Really frustrating.

I know, I should be using a newer version of XOOPS, but where I'm standing right now this is kind of hard. So, I leave this info in case it is usefull for someone else.


Re: Could not register new user.
  • 2008/1/9 3:24

  • rog3rs

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thanks for this post..
i just replace this line

if (get_class($user) != 'xoopsuser') {
return false;

from xoopsuser to XoopsUser as it is declare on functions
got this error when we upgrade to PHP5

thanks again

Re: Could not register new user.
  • 2008/1/22 17:17

  • mesol

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yes, you're right. i having this trouble for a long time. So, for moderator please undate FAQ section with this information.


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