Frameworks and Xoops editor
  • 2008/1/9 10:48

  • deka87

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Hi, I've installed a new module, but when I launch it I get this:

'You need to install these packages in order to make this module work properly: Frameworks v 1.1 or newer, XOOPS editor 1.10 or newer.' I tried to find those at xoops.org but no results. Is it extra modules and where should I install them?
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Re: Frameworks and Xoops editor
  • 2008/1/9 11:26

  • wuddel

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Get it here. For installation read the readme.txt
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Re: Frameworks and Xoops editor
  • 2008/1/9 15:56

  • deka87

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thanks dude
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Re: Frameworks and Xoops editor

Sounds like a lot of work/trouble to go through for installing a module. Wish it was more easy.

I wanted to install the xpress (wordpress) module, but decided against it because I don't fully understand frameworks ..or the xoopseditor.

I ended up going with popnupBlog because it was a normal mod install.

Re: Frameworks and Xoops editor
  • 2008/1/13 16:33

  • mboyden

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Actually shouldn't be any harder than installing a module.

Frameworks and XOOPSeditor are both additions to the XOOPS core provided by module developers instead of core developers, although I understand they are targeted for eventual core integration. They are fairly simple to use -- you just follow their instructions to upload them into the XOOPS root folder, and then they are available to the modules that use them.

Clear as mud?
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Re: Frameworks and Xoops editor

Well if so many new modules are using frameworks now, and this XOOPS editor then why not include them in the XOOPS core?

All of this stuff is confusing because some of these modules that need frameworks, and the XOOPS editor say nothing about it in their readme files.
So basically you have to come on here and start asking questions and hope that somebody will reply.

I just don't think it is too user friendly when you have to start downloading & installing all of these extras to get a module to work.

Imagine somebody just getting started using XOOPS and he needs a blog module like xpress, or a wiki like mediawiki .. and he/she doesn't even know how to install a module yet. They will be totally lost!

Re: Frameworks and Xoops editor
  • 2008/1/14 1:44

  • domecc

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There will be official download URL. And you can also get lastest version from SVN.
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