Community Coordinator Team Report for October
  • 2007/11/9 21:14

  • kc0maz

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Here is the status report for the Community Coordinator team as of November 1, 2007
(Yes I am running a bit late)

Team Leader: KC0MAZ

Team members // status
KC0MAZ // Active
Sailjapan // Active
JAVesey // Active

KC0MAZ was inactive near the end of October, to assist with the wild fires in Southern California.

Spammer attacks are starting to increase.

KC0MAZ worked with KnujOn.com to help deal with spam in the forums, blogs because of the reports filed, six spammers' web sites have been shut down in October

Note to all webmasters: KnujOn requests you send a text copy of spam to forumjunk@coldrain.net

Seehttp://www.knujon.com/forumspam.html for more information.

We are investigating several requests to ban users.

When requesting a user be banned, please provide at least some evidence they they have violated the terms of use. It has to be more than “I don't like what he said.” or “ I don't like the way he or she smells.”

Several double posts have been removed, as well as several posts have been edited for language 'work-a-rounds'

All of the members of the Community Coordinator Team are now part of the new Proposal Preparation Team. SailJapan has put a great deal of time and effort in getting is effort moving.

There was some discussion about creating a Beta Test website, This discussion has been placed on hold pending the outcome of the New Proposal Preparation Team.
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Re: Community Coordinator Team Report for October
  • 2007/11/9 22:51

  • Catzwolf

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All due respect this information mean nothing valid to the user who wish real change within this system. How about giving moderators proper tools to deal with moderation, how about getting the dev site back up and running, how about getting these sites redone and more accessible to those who want real help and information, how about getting the module situation sorted out, how about more communication around here, how about dealing with hacking and restoring peoples accounts quickly and proffesionally and how about we have a leader that is in touch with what is going on around here rather than burying his head in the sand when real problems arise?

Re: Community Coordinator Team Report for October

I think this report reflects the work of the coordination team who are trying to do the work of two teams at present. Mods and Coordinators.
As you can see. there are references to moderators work (spam, bans, etc) and coordination work such as trying to help sort out the organizational paralysis that it is generally recognized XOOPS is suffering from.
All the points you mention are accepted as being problem areas, and are not being ignored. Truth of the matter is that this paralysis is to blame for the lack of progress in the areas that you mention, and without sorting that out, there's no way to deal with the resultant problems (d.x.o., mod rights, communication, etcetera, ad-infinitum).

Hence the Draft Proposal Team.

This is not a report for the Draft Proposal Team. Please bear with us for that. It'll be along shortly.

Community Coordination Team
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Re: Community Coordinator Team Report for October
  • 2007/11/10 8:23

  • Catzwolf

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And why are you guys trying to do the tasks of two teams, simple, DJ fails to understand the word delegate and will not allow people toi do their jobs in the correct manner. Forum moderator issues is just the tip of the ice berg of issues not being addressed correctly. I mean how hard would it be to take and hour just to give the proper people the correct tools to do the job? Plus it would help if someone would actually go into the forum and change some avatars to reflct peoples correct status. I mean it is small things like that which actually make a difference to what could look like a professional run project to what we have here at the moment.

Has DJ not noticed the amount of people visiting this site falling? After 6 months we still shouldn't be talking about what we are going to be doing, creating more council groups etc etc, we should really be seeing a lot more now than this.

Re: Community Coordinator Team Report for October
  • 2007/11/10 8:25

  • Catzwolf

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Oh, I forgot. I will once again ask DJ if he would like my help and as I stated to him before I would consider helping out as a moderator at this site. Basically anything to help but not as a coder, I do enough coding a week as it is.


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