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Posted on: 2007/10/1 15:21
DobePhat (Show more)
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Floating-sliding Google ad problem?

Hi sort of a strange sounding question isn't it?

We have a google ad on our page, and its misbehaving a bit.
Its as though its Z-index is such that it appears to float.

It does so in an annoying manner when one scrolls done (Firefox at least). Anyone ever run into this problem? Figured it must have something to do with the google code and...???

Need to buckle that box down, as its very unpleasant to the eye after awhile.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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Posted on: 2007/10/6 3:00
JMorris (Show more)
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Re: Floating-sliding Google ad problem?

I've never had that problem with Google Ads, but I see you're using a repeating background on your block backgrounds. Try embedding Google's Ad code directly in the theme below the block loop and only style it to match the column background (no repeating images). It would be odd if that's it, but I don't see anything else that could cause that behavior.
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