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  • 2007/10/4 16:51

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A long time ago Eric Raymond wrote the book The Cathedral and Bazaar.

I have been using XOOPS for about five years and have been observing the project. I propose today that XOOPS is suffering from Cathedralitis. It's time to go to the Bazaar.

The volunteers in the XOOPS project give a great amount of their time and have great ideas and visions. I appreciate their time and commitment. But I would argue that for the last two years XOOPS has been wandering. The XOOPS project has been wandering under the guidance of the Cathedral. Recently we have had many directions for the project laid out such as Foundation, DEV, Wiki, Info, Modules…. Some of these are going, some are not.

I like the direction of the Xoopsphere and all the cool things they are doing and building there. However, the Xoopsphere is still under the guidance of the cathedral.

I recently saw on the extCal module a move to the Bazaar. The developer Zoullou.net did a quick module and let everyone vote on the next features of the Module. They voted with dollars $$$. Zoullou had been working on several features but he found the community voted with $$$$ to have recurring events added to the module. Recurring events was a significant rewrite and involved a lot of time on Zoullou’s part and something he had been avoiding due to the size and time commitment of the effort. But since there was $$$ behind the desire he’s putting his time into it. The Bazaar works!!!

It’s time for Xoops, all of XOOPS to go back to the Bazaar. I propose we collaborate with Zoullou and put out a Feature/Vote module and let the community have a voice and say and put its money where its mouth is.

Personally for me: I would like a chance to vote on elevating the Migration of 2.2 to 2.0.x ahead of the Xoopsphere. I think the Bazaar would give me the chance to cast this vote and be heard.

Also, wouldn’t the core XOOPS guys like to do this full time; and get paid!!!
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Re: The Bazaar
  • 2007/10/10 21:59

  • srmcatee

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Holy Cow!!! No one has replied to this??

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