Dedicated server for xoops intranet
  • 2007/9/14 17:11

  • liture

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dear xoopers,

we have chosen XOOPS to be the core of the information exchange in our organisation, and as this system gew bigger and biiger, we are looking at moving it to a dedicated server, so we are looking through the best ones we can find, but we would like to hear from someone who have tried it in a dedicated server, to know what configuration do you recommend?

this could be also nice to set up the profile of the PERFECT XOOPS SERVER


Re: Dedicated server for xoops intranet
  • 2007/9/15 0:21

  • JMorris

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The perfect XOOPS server doesn't exist because there are far to many variables to take into account for. The core XOOPS application itself is quite low overhead and can scale to tens of thousands of users without issue.

Where you run into problems is server load is modules. Many modules. Most modules are not efficient with SQL and thus present a heavier load on the server. So, one of the first things to consider is what modules you will be using and how they will be used.

Another factor is how often users make use of the built in search functionality. XOOPS search presents a very heavy load on the server and has brought this site to its knees on many occasions.

A site like xoops.org should be on an enterprise class architecture where Apache/PHP are on one node and MySQL is on a separate node.

A site with the same user base that doesn't make extensive use of the built in search and is only hosting 1 site on the server could get by with 1 server with just 4GB of RAM, provided you make use of FastCGI, Zend Optimizer and you tweak your my.cnf for optimum performance.

So, as you see, there is no "cookie cutter" answer. Perhaps if you shared a bit more about what modules you will be using and what your user base is like, that would help narrow down what is needed for your particular scenario.

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Re: Dedicated server for xoops intranet
  • 2007/9/18 10:21

  • eUKhost

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If we can know more about what modules you will be using and what your user base is as JMorris told we can assist you in a much better way.


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