• 2007/7/8 10:51

  • psaxtiri

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i did it.

Xoops must give the ability to del our own messages. What do u think?

Re: solved
  • 2007/7/8 12:05

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If you mean from the Forums then this is already a feature of CBB3.0x (provided that your site admin has given your user-group permission to do so).

Re: solved
  • 2007/7/8 12:12

  • pod

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I wouldn't object to a self-destruct button if it was timed - I think anything else would be a disaster. IMO a 3-minute edit option is perfect - if you change your mind about something you submitted within 3 minutes of having posted it, you should be able to edit your post - and maybe even erase it. After that though and as people respond to your post, the thread becomes part of the community & should not be edited or altered. If people were able to "take back" a post days after it started a heated 30 page thread, for example, that person would not have any visible responsibility for his actions & you can just imagine where that could lead, especially with the current climate at xoops.org. I notice I can still edit a post days after I posted it, but not years after I posted it, so there must be some expiration on the edit button in play here already, which is good. Shortening the edit window & adding a 2-3 minute kill option would be nice with all the accidental double postings.

Went off on a bit of a tangent there... glad you solved it tho, whatever it was. I bet I'd know if we had a 3 minute edit rule! lol

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