Mainfile.php Error.
  • 2007/7/6 14:03

  • koralex90

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I just finished transferring my site to a new server and everything seems to be working fine except one thing. When I enter the administrator menu, it states in red letters, the following.

WARNING: File /home/****/mainfile.php is writeable by the server.
Please change the permission of this file for security reasons.
in Unix (444), in Win32 (read-only)

Thus, I went into smartftp and selected mainfile.php and changed the chmod to 444. When I do this, I still get that warning. I go into smart ftp again and check and the view settings are 644 once again. I tried this with several ftp programs but the settings just go back to 644 every time. Please tell me how to resolve this issue. Thanks.

Re: Mainfile.php Error.
  • 2007/7/6 14:14

  • underdog

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Firstly, quickly remove your complete path from the post

as in change to:

WARNING: File /home/***********/mainfile.php is writeable by the server.
Or something like that.

Secondly, I don't know if it works, but how about setting the mainfile.php readonly on your PC before you upload?

Otherwise someone else needs to help you

Re: Mainfile.php Error.
  • 2007/7/6 14:25

  • koralex90

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I just tried it but it doesnt work. : (

Re: Mainfile.php Error.
  • 2007/7/6 19:05

  • Anonymous

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I wonder if your space on the new server is fully functional yet?

I know that it was a couple of days before mine was following a server move and just at the point where I was beginning to panic a little everything suddenly started working.

Either way, a call you your server hosts is in order, I think.

Re: Mainfile.php Error.
  • 2007/7/7 1:46

  • BroHam

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Try making a file - say "chmod.php" - and uploading it to your root or specifically the directory with mainfile.php.

So, chmod.php should have something like this in it:
chmod (mainfile.php, 0777);

Then, point your browser to the address of chmod.php to run it.
mainfile.php should become 777, yes? Then, you should freely be able to change to 444.
I don't know.

Re: Mainfile.php Error.
  • 2007/7/7 2:03

  • exbanious

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Just to add to BroHam's post, make sure that you delete that chmod.php file afterward...

Re: Mainfile.php Error.

If you have cpanel this can be set inside your file manager.

I had the same problem over at bluewho if I remember correctly. No matter what I used did not work. Anyway cpanel was the answer for me.


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