Re: Call for a community action on Xoops Project Council
  • 2007/7/5 19:35

  • draj

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gtop00 wrote:
Well, since your reply this time is calmer, I will reply too:

It is because I found your reply foundationless and was without content. So I did wanted to save my time.

Now that you showed something which has a foundation, I will also reply!

I do not have any objection on phppp’s mentioned post. He is actually doing what he was asked to and voluntarily offered: To organize the XOOPS project.

No one asked him to be a silly dictator! He began to acti in true spirits but later decided to show his fooloshness, without realising that there are some other guardians of open spirit in here.

A contribution may not only be in coding but also in safe garding the interest of open spirit.

He is a failure. He can make good coding but fails at most levels of leadership because he adds his own childish feelings thereby affecting in consequence. It was not too difficult to understand this aspect of his character.

Look at my participation of posts in the past. Mind you, I would not open my mouth until there is a solid foundation or reason.

Also this is not just a onetime matter between one person leaving.

If you, me or anybody else do not fully agree, we all can make our proposals, in a Democratic and constructive way.

You even made a proposal. Did you receive an appraisal from him. Your suggestion was actually a good begining. What was an outcome of it?

The past history shows that the constructive and democratic attempt has failed to work with DJ. He is arrogantly carrying forward his tactics without realising his discreditation.

No intellegent man who beleives in dignity would continue with such complains before the face, especially the arresting proofs in this post by myself.

So please review the posts and the experiences of people here and give a rethink on what you are saying. It makes no sense to make my objection work more, as it only adds to some extra justification by myside, which could be avoided on interospection or meditation.

However, I can understand and tolerate some others expressing some kind of a positive or protective feelings for DJ keeping in mind to somehow bring the discussion to and end. Also, if those comments emerged from a superficial or a shallow level, then I have no problems to read them.

Re: Call for a community action on Xoops Project Council

Come on Draj, look around. Do you see anyone arguing with you, or is this a one man show?

Make a formal proposal and submit it for review.

Re: Call for a community action on Xoops Project Council


I went to the link:


According the each of the Project teams' discussion, it is time for the teams to be finalized.

Can each of the project teams, 1)core dev, 2)design, 3)documentation and 4)coordinator, please send your documents to the Project council for pre-review and discussion with:

team mission and tasks
member list
team leader and coordinator
team roadmap (if available)
extra materials

We hope the materials to be sent to xoops-council AT googlegroups.com (please use phppp @ users.sourceforge.net if the googlegroup mail does not work) by this Saturday.

The Project aim or stated goal is getting or producing opensource code, and presenting it to the community for their use, with documentation.

The community then takes this code to build their modules, themes, with the added expectation they document their efforts also.

Everything I see he has done so far is ready the field to make progress on presenting this code as bug free as possible under the circumstances. And re-creating the xoops.org websites structure to present the core product along with the necessary documentation, and help structure.

People have been appointed to POINT end-uses and prospective new-users to the proper areas of XOOPS expertise. Taking the #oops# I'm lost out of xoops.

The community of XOOPS is just that, a community; we are spread far and wide and have many XOOPS prefixed outlets from which to choose our add-ons. Also outlets that don't even have XOOPS in its tradename.

Bringing all the community's under one roof called xoops.org is not practical from the standpoint of server accommodations or language considerations.

I believe ANYONE who has the ability or desire to build a community around XOOPS is free to do so, without any interferenced from phppp. As a matter of fact I think he will support any of the communities that spring up.

Meanwhile give him space to do his job, and put your efforts to building a community of XOOPS module/theme/add-on builders or end-users etc., and let the appropriate team appointees know where to find you when a client has a question you are most qualified to answer and help with.

Xoops may be powered by us, but it is not our ball in play... never has been.

The project belongs to the foundation, the results of its code building is a free gift to the people.

phppp (in his statement omissions) gave the community members the gift of freedom to do and to use without his "interference" I say pick up the ball and go with it , and don't expect phppp to do it for you, he has a plate full.

Just my BlueStocking opinion.
hhttps://xoops.org/modules/repository .. It is time to get involved - XOOPS.ORG

Re: Call for a community action on Xoops Project Council
  • 2007/7/5 20:27

  • gtop00

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Dear community. I am very sorry. I thought that draj calmed down

Well draj, you are intolerant, so i give up. YOU ARE THE WINNER

By by draj. End of story.-

Re: Call for a community action on Xoops Project Council
  • 2007/7/5 22:21

  • giba

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Giba wrote:
Thanks draj, this material not complet, but is relevant collection.

Now, if possible, D.J. reply for all community.

A great one lider is in managing the moments difficult.

Re: Call for a community action on Xoops Project Council
  • 2007/7/8 12:17

  • xgarb

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blah blah, whinge whinge..

Poor bloke (dj) raised his head to try and move XOOPS forward and every move is dogged by why isn't he doing this, why has he done that.

At least he is doing something.

You might not agree with everything he's doing but just let him get on with it and work with him for a better XOOPS.

If you think you can help, then help.. your efforts might go unrewarded but at least you can feel like you did something for the good of the project.

Like someone mentioned.. this is a software project, not a concept for a new world order. If something is missing or wrong with the plan it can always be changed later but all this bickering just drains people's time from us moving forward.

Re: Call for a community action on Xoops Project Council
  • 2007/7/16 7:32

  • draj

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gtop00 wrote:
1. Who nominated you to represent all those for you are talking on their behalf (Tom, akitson, James,…). Don’t they have their own voice?

No one appointed me.

My principles, values in life and philosophy did nominate myself to represent those frustrations or unfair situations and protest against them...

The recent loss could be seen here:

Announcement of the Project Team: Community Coordinator...

Re: Call for a community action on Xoops Project Council


see my post here.
Never let a man who does not believe something can be done, talk to a man that is doing it.


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