Re: What registrar do you use? Just trying to save some money.
  • 2007/7/5 3:32

  • mclindy

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I have been using www.freeparking.com for about five years and I love them. You get 20 free email addresses at your domain that forward to other addresses. Also you get full control of your DNS so you can make site1.yourdomain.com, site2.yourdomain.com, etc as many as you want for no additional charge. I was running a server where I gave all of my users a top domain site (e.g. user1.domainname.com) and it was very nice.

They aren't cheap but you get total control of your domain. I have used cheaper registrars but had to pay extra fees and go through BS to get the "extra" features that are included with freeparking.

I currently have all five of my domains through these guys. I have also used them for setting up customer domains because I can manage their domain under my own account then pass it over to their account (which means I can't manage it anymore) if the need should arise. I have several satisfied customers using freeparking. I haven't had a single complaint in five years and at least 10 domains.

By the way I don't work for them in any way. They have just been so solid and great for my purposes I always suggest them to anyone who asks.

Re: What registrar do you use? Just trying to save some money.
  • 2007/7/5 7:52

  • tom

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I have had problems with UK registrar Iomart's hidden £50 domain transfer fee in the past, mentioned in this post (you posted in that thread Tom)

ahh yes so I did, I've had plenty of sleep since then though, lol.

I'm pretty sure most the stuff inc transferring domain can be done in the admin of oneandone, again not sure though.

I'm not aware of any transfer fee either, at least there wasn't with the first contract I signed, as I checked purely because of the amount of domain names I have (some 40 to 45 domain names possibly more).

Not sure if these sites are about, but there used to be some kinda watchdog sites that warned your about some domain registrants, and allowed people to review and leave their horror stories.

Bandwidth used to be another issue with a lot of providers/hosts and their hidden costs, I suppose it may still be in some cases, but I've not been with other providers for a fair while now so can't comment there.
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Re: What registrar do you use? Just trying to save some money.
  • 2007/7/10 14:50

  • kc0maz

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Pick two:


If you want it good and fast, it is not going to be cheap

If you want it good and cheap, it is not going to be fast.

If you want it fast and cheap, it is not going to be good.

I have found this to be true weather it is building, programing or just about any service.
Some dream of success, while others wake up and work for it.

Re: What registrar do you use? Just trying to save some money.
  • 2007/7/11 4:46

  • MadFish

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Just a follow up to say I *withdraw* my recommendation for Network Solutions, following a recent experience involving billing practices that I can only describe as unethical.

Watch your credit card statements with these guys, and be aware that while it is easy to sign up for a service, it is somewhat less-than-easy to cancel it, even if you didn't order it!


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