Xoops from english to japan
  • 2007/6/12 2:01

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I have installed and configured XOOPS v.2.2.2 on a web server and would like to do the same installation and config on a new web server but that will contain Japanese web content instead.

Now, my question is the following. What would I need to do in order to have a similar installation and config on the Japanese web server as my english one?

Do I need to download XOOPS from the Japanese site? And can I just install my modules I developped from the english site in the Japanese Xoops? Or can I just install the english version of XOOPS and change some template language settings.

My real inquiry is really, how can I have a similar configuration of XOOPS (as my english site) but with new Japanese web content?

I'm hoping I can just install the japanese version of XOOPS and install my modules from my english site.


Re: Xoops from english to japan

I think I'm right in saying that, as long as you don't need to mix J and E content, what you need is a J version of the folders found in Language folders, both for the system and the modules.

Actually, on second thoughts, that might only give you a J backend...

Can anyone shed more light on the matter?

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Re: Xoops from english to japan
  • 2007/6/12 14:42

  • boumbo

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Hi Sailjapan,

Thanks for taking time in looking into my inquiry.

I am currently using XOOPS ver2.2.2 (english) and I have a few modules installed such as:
- System Admin
- Extended Profiles
- TreeMenuXL
- And a module I developed myself for the dynamic content which accesses data from the db and puts in on the web.

Is the J version of the language folders available on the xoops.org site?

Will I have to get a japan version of all my modules, or can I just use the english versions?

Basically, I just want the new japan site to contain japanese content (i assume it uses a different character set, not Unicode, but some bicode of some sort...)

Does that make any sense or should I be more precise?


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