[ Module released ] Picito 1.0
  • 2007/4/20 18:32

  • Sophie2

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Picito is a very simple XOOPS module for uploading pictures and creating thumbnails (like imageshack for example). Please note that this module was written just to check how XOOPS works but I guess it's better to release it than delete it.

It takes a picture, uploads it, creates thumbnail and two fields (bbcode and html code) for posting this picture to forums or websites.

Resized Image

You can see a screenshot HERE!

Download this module HERE!

Any comments are welcome.

Re: [ Module released ] Picito 1.0
  • 2007/4/20 19:34

  • martyboy

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Just downloaded and tested, its brilliant such a simple yet extremely usefull module.

I have some feature requests if thats ok.

1.abillty to browse list of uploaded images on admin side, incase anyone uploads bad images then they can be deleted by admin.

2.ability to set max upload size (KB)

3.setting to maybe allow a user to only upload a certain amount in a day/week, etc either defined by amount of images or amount in KB.

Theres so many other things i can think of and many other uses, integration with an photo album module(or make picoto into an photo album module) where users can upload pics into there albums and have codes to share, XOOPS would have its own photobucket module.

This is an excellent little module, very usefull to community sites. I think this should be in XOOPS news to.

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Re: [ Module released ] Picito 1.0
  • 2007/4/20 19:39

  • Sophie2

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It was just confirmed in XOOPS news.

Thanks for this comment. Well I actually am thinking if continue developing this module because I only wanted to check how modularity in XOOPS works ... and it was few hours ago.

Well if more people would like to see this development continued, I will do my best. Otherwise (if people are not using this module) there is no sense in developing new version.

So folks please let me know if you find this module useful.

Thank you.

Re: [ Module released ] Picito 1.0
  • 2007/4/20 19:58

  • carnuke

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If you want to consider further development, a really useful feature would be making multiple image uploads at once

1- upload Complete folder of images ****
2- multiple file fields (from browse)


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Re: [ Module released ] Picito 1.0

Wow Sofie2,

This is a great simple module for creating thumbnails. Thanks for it.

One question. Seems the thumbs are overwritten when you upload a new picture. Is this the way it works or should it retain multiple thumbs in the folder?

No seems the thumbs are still there, just the links are not listed anymore on page re-entry, but can easily figure the link to the folder.[/edit]

Very good module. I really like it.

Re: [ Module released ] Picito 1.0
  • 2007/4/20 20:38

  • Sophie2

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No the thumbs are still there ... it shows you bbcode and html link just to currently uploaded picture.

It's like imageshack for example.

Re: [ Module released ] Picito 1.0
  • 2007/4/21 13:31

  • Sophie2

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I was experimenting the admin area a little today and here is Picito 1.1.

Now there is an admin interface where you can browse and delete current pictures.

Check screenshot HERE.

Any comments welcome (specially from module developers that are used to XOOPS framework).

Resized Image
Download Picito 1.1

Re: [ Module released ] Picito 1.0
  • 2007/5/9 5:38

  • onasre

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Its great Module

1- can you update it to allow zip files ,

2- if the zip files allowed could u make the uploading shown as progress bar
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