Proper Behavior
  • 2007/4/15 21:36

  • rlankford

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I had worked on a theme over the holidays last year that I never got around to releasing. I actually do make use of it behind a firewall -- but haven't worked up the guts to release it to the community.

I do have a good reason though. This theme (called glossy) was created by me as an attempt to copy the look and feel of Stardock's beautiful web site. Once I nearly finished with the work, I realized that this idea of copying someone else's work idea might not be too cool. So I never really did anything about it.

There are some differences, of course. Stardock's web site isn't based off a common php-based CMS. Rather, it's all in house custom ASP code. Furthermore, their slick look is achieved with fixed sizes everywhere. I wanted to adapt the look to XOOPS and alter the code/graphics, so that things could grow and shrink to fit the screen.

Add to all this the fact that the trend lately is for everyone to favor CSS-only themes. Well, I can tell you that Glossy does make judicious use of tables. So if you're a CSS only proponent, you'll hate it just for that.

So what's the consensus here? Am I a tyrant and a thief for blatantly copying someone else's hard work? Or, rather, is it simply an homage to someone's outstanding effort and not offensive at all? Let me know what you all think. If it's not considered bad form, I'll try cleaning up the theme and releasing here on the site.

Here's a couple of screen shots (full size -- sorry if you hate that):

Resized Image

Resized Image

Re: Proper Behavior
  • 2007/4/15 23:28

  • jeffgr

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that's a really nice theme...


Re: Proper Behavior
  • 2007/4/15 23:45

  • kris_fr

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Yep very nice theme


Re: Proper Behavior

but haven't worked up the guts to release it to the community ...rlankford
Good call,
It does not contain the GNU General Public License and it does contain a copyright notice. I would definately get written permission before placing it in public domain on my own.

just a BlueStocking opinion.
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Re: Proper Behavior
  • 2007/4/16 3:01

  • JMorris

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First... WOW! Nice work!

I agree with BlueStocking though. Your "replication" is so close to the original that, without proper authorization, you may be open to legal ramifications.

However, if you make some minor alterations to colors and effects, you may be able to release your theme without issue as you are not "copying" their work, but are releasing a design "inspired by" their work.

Regardless, my hat is off to you, you've done some very nice design work! I hope to see other contributions from you in the future!
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Re: Proper Behavior
  • 2007/4/16 3:08

  • skenow

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My first reaction - 'Great theme! I would consider using this one'

To echo what James and BlueStocking have said - it would be good form to contact the originator and determine their position. It may be a template they have used from another source, or they may have created it themselves. In either situation, leave nothing to interpretation and get explicit permission to publish your work.

Re: Proper Behavior

Like you, I think it is an excellent piece of work. Just a bit to close to the original. IF it had been open source I would consider it a real winner.

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Re: Proper Behavior
  • 2007/4/16 4:18

  • goatboy

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Very nice looking theme. I hope you decide to make the effort to get approval from Stardock, as I'm sure you would make many people happy by releasing this to the community.


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