Pages that standalone for SEO with link to core if required
  • 2007/3/2 22:16

  • domineaux

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I'm working on a site that requires a number of full complete standalone pages of content. These pages should have their own meta be called through separtate URL, i.e.,

http://blftzk.com/Xoops/pageOne/Index.php --- http://blftzk.com/Xoops/pageTwo/Index.php -- http://blftzk.com/Xoops/pageThree/Index.php --- http://blftzk.com/Xoops/pageFour/Index.php

I plan to use a domain name that has nothing to do with the company. www.blftzk.com or something totally unrelated.

These pages may or may not be linked to each other. Each pages will be submitted to Search Engines as a separate and individual page. Each page should have it's own meta data.

It really doesn't matter if the searchbots go to each page and move to another of the pages, if they are linked within the page.

This site is for a company with several locations. Each location is in a different city, and each location has a different different way of doing business. In fact, going onto one master site and then branching off to separate sites is not acceptable.

These pages are what I would basically call "Landing pages", because effectively that's all they are. I think not linking them to one home/basic page takes them out of that category...not sure.

I realize I can do the whole thing by just building HTML pages, and building the meta for each page and doing some links. THe problem is.. There is a possibility of a catalog of product items in the near future, which means I should probably be thinking of accessing or having accesible the MySql. That indicates to me this site would be a better candidate for XOOPS with the facility available to poke a module or two into the core install and then link from the respective pages into the MySql database.

I don't think I something like this will accomplish what I need:


I'm trying to keep the SEO closely associated with each site page itself, not the XOOPS root/core. I don't want to have to build appx. 32 sites with separate domains either.

Anyway, I just thought I'd prospect for some ideas by asking on the boards.


Re: Pages that standalone for SEO with link to core if required
  • 2007/3/2 23:33

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Hi, domineaux
I call those page doorway pages instead of landing pages, btw.. I'm not sure that XOOPS is the perfect solution for this job.

Maybe you can do something within the news module (version 1.52 or up); with that module you can set the properly metatags and there is a subdir called 'seo' with a .htaccess that give you the ability to access to news using an url like XOOPS_URL/news/my-news-title-1.html

.. btw, there are more interesting cms for such a work.. modx for example.




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