Help. Locked out of admin page
  • 2006/12/15 19:55

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Howdy All,

I installed SmartProfile and then SmartObject to add new registration fields for my members. I've an error described in this thread

Whenever I access the admin page I get this error message:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /xoops/cache/adminmenu.php on line 768

Line 768 of this file looks like this.
<div style='margin-top: 5px; font-size: smaller; text-align: right;'><a href='#' onmouseover='shutdown();'>[Close]</a></div></td></tr><tr><th style='font-size: smaller; text-align: left;'><img src='".XOOPS_URL."/modules/smartmedia/images/smartmedia_logo.png' alt='' /><br /><b>"._VERSION.":</b0.85<br /><b>"._DESCRIPTION.":</b"Framework providing functionnalities to SmartModules"</th></tr></table></div>

Since this is in the cache diretory can I delete this file? I tried moving the modules/smartobject and modules/smartprofile out of the XOOPS tree but I get the same object. To get here I had a working site, installed smartprofile module and then smartobject when I realized I needed it for smartprofile. At smartobject install I got my error message.

Thanks for any help, BA

Re: Help. Locked out of admin page
  • 2006/12/16 0:02

  • m0nty

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no need to start another post for the same problem.. we don't like giving the same support for the same questions to the same user across multiple threads that are related to the same problem (there's no point it just confuses every1, and confuses even more those people experiencing the same problem.. so we'll keep the replies in the other thread ;)

have locked this thread


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