News Module, Whitespace and Includes
  • 2006/11/1 15:53

  • krewl

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First, I have the latest News Module from xoops.org and the latest updates.

If I edit a document offline and get the table formats and past them into the News form, I get a mess of whitespace and extra break returns in the article page. I can clean it up by removing all whitespace between tags (offline), but its not practical if a user submits and is unaware.

So, I tried to remove the white space with the index page. I added a few lines:

->$story = str_replace('![\t ]*[\r\n]+[\t ]*!', '', $story);
->$story = str_replace(' ', '', $story); //This removed most table formatting
->$story = preg_replace('/\s+/','',$story); //Also removed table formatting... Don't know why

I also tried trim() and didn't help.

If there is something that I might be missing please let me know.

My preferred choice would be to allow an include, but I can't get any to show in the article.

I have tried the folling in the News form:
<?php include('path/doc.htm'); ?>
<!--#include virtual="path/doc.htm" -->

The php include's results are this:
include('path/doc.htm'); ?>

And the SSI include is blank.

Is it possible to include when adding it through the form? I have searched the forums for ways to include but they aren't relevant to including through a form...


Re: News Module, Whitespace and Includes
  • 2006/11/22 13:03

  • hervet

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I'm not really sure to understand but if you are writing html codes, then put them on a unique line.


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