NewBB showing HTML
  • 2006/6/21 23:54

  • Deadfire

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I thought about posting this with the topic " Help: CBB 2.2 Signatures not showing up? " but thought it would be best to start a new one... here is my issue and I sure hope someone has an idea on how to fix this -

I am using XOOPS - XOOPS 2.0.14-rc1
NewBB 2.0 - Version 2.01
No DeBug information shown on this -

Here is the problem i am having... If you start a new topic or make that first reply to a topic in the forums then your Sig will show up, however... if you reply the second time your Sig will not show an image but will only show the HTML code. Now if you switch the forums to Threaded you can veiw the Sigs each time without any problem. I also get this HTML problem from time to time with the smilies / emoticons.

Any help you guys could give would be greatly appreciated! You may have to be quite basic with me since im still not the best with this Php. Thanks again

Re: NewBB showing HTML
  • 2006/6/23 3:07

  • Deadfire

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No replies...

Should i just drop the NewBB and go with a different forum?

Re: NewBB showing HTML
  • 2006/6/27 12:33

  • DIDI5

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NEWbb: 2.0...
For some reason when you switch the enable or disable html before posting it seems to have no effect.
And it keeps writing the default "0 " to the dohtml to all post.

Now see if thats the cause!
First go to your database in your-table-prefix_bb_post table, look for DOHTML below you will get the value for each post . - if there is a '0' or a '1'.
If there is a '0' replace it with '1'.
Try with one post only!! then go to your forum and see if the html tags are gone for that particular post.

How to try correct that?
In your module newbb you've the sql file with the tables , open it, scroll down to table 'bb_post '
In `bb_posts` change the value to 'dohtml' from 0 to 1
then to the admin. => select modules and update your newbb.

If that works! keep in mind that it will have effect only to posts that are posted after that update.
If you want to get rid of all the html tags in the current post, then you have to rewrite the value for all post. from 0 to 1

Or, it could be something else.

Just an idea..

Re: NewBB showing HTML
  • 2006/7/18 9:14

  • basby

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I have exactly the same problem as Deadfire.

The solution of DIDI5 does not work.

I use XOOPS 2.0.14.

I am using newbb still. Is that the problem? Should I switch to CBB?

Re: NewBB showing HTML
  • 2006/7/28 17:42

  • Aeldan

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Hi there, I just found this annoying bug too, and I found the reason, and the solution ^^

Apparently, it cames from the changes made in class/module.textsanitizer.php, function $previewTarea.

To resolve, just replace in your modules/newbb/post.php, about line 86
$p_message = $myts->previewTarea($_POST['message'],$dohtml,$dosmiley,$doxcode);

$temp_message = $_POST['message'];
$p_message = $myts->previewTarea($temp_message,$dohtml,$dosmiley,$doxcode);

And it will work :)

Re: NewBB showing HTML
  • 2006/7/28 17:45

  • davidl2

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Make sure you use the updated version of module.texsanitiser here

(And also consider backing up your data, and updating to CBB 3.05)

Re: NewBB showing HTML
  • 2006/8/2 8:49

  • basby

  • Not too shy to talk

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Thanks Aeldan and Davidl2!

I have downloaded the new module.textsanitizer.php and that solved my problems!

I will also upgrade to cbb 3.05 though, but that takes some more time (have to re-implement some hacks). This has become less urgent now. And, as with every update, I will make a backup first.

Thanks again


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