X7 Chat & World Wide Messenger Module for Xoops
  • 2006/7/26 17:54

  • webjackie

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Hello Everyone, Greetings !!!

I've noticed two interesting and full functioning modules that is not listed with www.xoops.org (i'm not sure, but my search couldnot give any so far).

First one is X7 Chat:

It is a 100% freeware script with full functions. The demo i tried was error free, and feature rich. It can be integerated with any CMS or any PHP Site. But, i noticed they are charging a nominal fee, if we depend them for integeration with XOOPS or any of our websites. Have anyone integerated this with XOOPS already.

The url for X7 Chat ishttp://www.x7chat.com/ , please give comments.

The second similar module that can be integerated with xoops, but it cost about 40$ is World Wide Classifieds 4.7!
The url ishttp://www.worldwidecreations.com/world_wide_classifieds.htm

Just check, the features list is awesome. Further, this worldwidecreations have plenty of good free scripts. I found their Alumni Pro (which was payable earlier) is totally free now. Can anyone suggest, if we can integerate this to xoops. Then we might get a reliable Alumni module.

Note: I'vent tried any of these scripts with my xoops, but just informing my XOOPS friends that such modules are available. If anyone tried this , please give me feedbacks.

Re: X7 Chat & World Wide Messenger Module for Xoops
  • 2006/7/31 17:41

  • webjackie

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Is there anyone, who have tried this before. Just curious for feedbacks, before i purchase them and try with my XOOPS site.

Re: X7 Chat & World Wide Messenger Module for Xoops
  • 2006/7/31 18:22

  • svaha

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I use x7 chat on my forum.
X7 chat recognises XOOPS and uses a xoops.php file to get username/password.
In the directory lib/auth of x7 chat you will find the xoops.php file.
I just had to change this because I use XOOPS 2.2.4 (users have a loginname and a displayname)

// For XOOPS 2.2.4 

    // This file holds data on authentication
$auth_ucookie "X7C2U";
$auth_pcookie "X7C2P";
$auth_register_link "../register.php";
$auth_disable_guest true;
// Get the XOOPS config file
$xoopsOption['nocommon'] = 1;
// Make a database connection to the XOOPS database
$table_prefix XOOPS_DB_PREFIX."_";
$cvalue $_COOKIE["PHPSESSID"];
$q $xoopsdb->DoQuery("SELECT sess_data FROM {$table_prefix}session WHERE sess_id='$cvalue'");
$cinfo $xoopsdb->Do_Fetch_Row($q);
$cinfo[0] != ""){
// Get user ID
$match[0] = eregi_replace("xoopsUserID|","",$match[0]);
$suid unserialize($match[0]);

// changed uname to loginname            
$q $xoopsdb->DoQuery("SELECT loginname,pass FROM {$table_prefix}users WHERE uid='$suid'");
$xoopsname $xoopsdb->Do_Fetch_Row($q);
$_COOKIE['X7C2U'] = $xoopsname[0];
$_COOKIE['X7C2P'] = $xoopsname[1];
// Changed uname in loginname
$query $xoopsdb->DoQuery("SELECT pass FROM {$table_prefix}users WHERE loginname='$_COOKIE[$auth_ucookie]'");
$password $xoopsdb->Do_Fetch_Row($query);
// Check if they have an X7 Chat account
if($password[0] != ""){    
$query $db->DoQuery("SELECT * FROM {$prefix}users WHERE username='$_COOKIE[$auth_ucookie]'");
$row $db->Do_Fetch_Row($query);
$row[0] == ""){
// Create an X7 Chat account for them.
$time time();
$db->DoQuery("INSERT INTO {$prefix}users (id,username,password,status,user_group,time,settings,hideemail,ip) VALUES('0','$_COOKIE[$auth_ucookie]','$password[0]','$txt[150]','{$x7c->settings['usergroup_default']}','$time','{$g_default_settings}','0','$ip')");
//        GLOBAL $table_prefix,$xoopsdb;
//        $newpass = auth_encrypt($newpass);
// changed uname in loginname
//        $query = $xoopsdb->DoQuery("UPDATE {$table_prefix}users SET pass='$newpass' WHERE loginname='$user'");

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Re: X7 Chat & World Wide Messenger Module for Xoops
  • 2006/7/31 19:39

  • kjk786

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I bought this script to run classifieds site. This script is very poor and buggy you cant change any thing and very hard to fix and you don't get any help from
developer.There is no user documents.

I spent my money on this script because of very good reviews on his forum. These are just fake and he is deleting negative post about script so he have only positive post in forum.

He deleted my post where I ask for help and asked him some questions about his scripts. He also deleted some other posts that was posted by some other user for same this.
There is no trail for script and he don't refund money.

Most of features is not working and there is no way to change look of site. You cant even change header of your website.
Intigration with XOOPS don't work


Free classifieds scripts form Smartisoft is much better maybe some can intigrate this to xoops
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