Xoops multilanguage limits & possibilities
  • 2006/7/18 17:24

  • arrakis

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Hello all, I have been discussing a project with some people for a long time, it will be a site with 3 and more languages, about culture and language learning for foreigners.

It will run all the basic modules like news, sections, forum, download, links, few static pages, etc.

I was looking for information about multilanguage XOOPS and more or less seems to be experimental and have troubles and lots of issues.

The fact is that when someone switch to a language to another, everything must be in that language, contents too, for example for the news (or download, or links, etc) the admin will enter the same content in all the languages, and each user will display that content in that language, not just the same content with different GUI language.

Is that possible? If yes... am I going to run into troubles with stability, future upgrades, bugs, problems adding more languages, etc? Anyone has experienced that before?

The site must be a stable "once" setup and long lasting, and then the people working on the contents will get the keys and go on on their own.

Do you think that I should develope my own code or XOOPS will just be able to do it fine? Because I wouldn't like to stay a long time to setup XOOPS and then give all up to rewrite something from zero. I installed a lot of XOOPS in different languages, but never multilanguage.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

Re: Xoops multilanguage limits & possibilities
  • 2006/7/19 12:17

  • arrakis

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no one with ideas/opinions?

Re: Xoops multilanguage limits & possibilities
  • 2006/7/19 12:41

  • davidl2

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Myself, I use xLanguage to handle different languages... which is available from www.xoopsforge.com

The main point about this, apart from it's power, is that Phppp (the module's developer) is also a XOOPS Core Developer - and I believe this MAY be included in the XOOPS core eventually in some form or other.

Re: Xoops multilanguage limits & possibilities
  • 2006/7/19 15:02

  • Daigoro

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I've made a site with the original multilingual hack, and it's been running for 2+ years now.
The languages I use are Danish, english and Japanese.
See it here.

It does have some issues - espeicaly with Internet Explore. I'm working on a site update (newer XOOPS core), where I use UFT-8 and it has fixed several of the issues.

The original hack, requires that you hack each and every module you want to use with it.
Aditionally it require that you are able to write all languages at once. Without unicode, it's virtually impossible to mix eg. Thai, Persian and Japanese.

It's also pretty hard to maintain many languages, if you don't understand them all.

xLanuguage appears to be the new breed multilangual hack, and I'm considdering trashing all the update work I've done and use it instead.

I'd like to hear more about your exiperences, should you deside to use xLanguage.
Best regards,

Re: Xoops multilanguage limits & possibilities
  • 2006/7/25 8:35

  • arrakis

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I just tried xLanguage on a fresh installation of XOOPS, it's just great! I'm very happy with it!

Re: Xoops multilanguage limits & possibilities
  • 2006/7/25 14:34

  • arrakis

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Hmm... seems that there is a big problem with xLanguage, even the installation and setup was simple and perfect and all is working very good, when you enter a news or a page in wfchannel, if the text is longer than a few rows, it causes a XOOPS internal error (or something like that) and the browser say "cannot find the page", if you make the text shorter the page loads fine. Very weird...

EDIT: OK I found the problem, is a known bug... sad that a so good module has to suffer from a bad php function and unclosed tags that return 500 error :(

EDIT2: I read that it is a sort of bug in the php engine that calls a perl function, now I'm not a faboulous programmer but i could try a workaround for it, but I actually don't know exactly what this function do and when/where is called. Anyone knows more details?

Re: Xoops multilanguage limits & possibilities
  • 2006/7/25 17:59

  • shinn

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hello everybody.
i have the same problem is this article "multi language not working on system menu", how do you resolve this problem?

Re: Xoops multilanguage limits & possibilities
  • 2006/7/25 18:46

  • stefan88

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With xLanguage I remember I had problems with older PHP version - random blank pages, but upgrading PHP did fix the problem.

Re: Xoops multilanguage limits & possibilities

We have used xLanguage successfully on several sites now, with no issues. It's a beautiful module. The premise is so simple. Just cache the output of the entire page, and then do a search and replace on all the langauge tagged text prior to sending it to the browser. So all your modules and everything works perfectly out of the box, no modifications required, and just a minor, minor edit to the core required to hook in the page caching and search and replace functionality.

Very nice. We have not used the very latest version, perhaps the bug referred to elsewhere here is only in that version? We have had nothing but success with this module.

Technical Architect - Freeform Solutions
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Re: Xoops multilanguage limits & possibilities
  • 2006/7/26 3:25

  • irmtfan

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so its avoid open tags problem?
how to do this?


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