Re: Using Xoops Locally - XSAS
  • 2004/9/9 10:43

  • JMorris

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Did you remember to alter the code in mainfile.php to reflect the path changes and database account?

Here's an example of what one of mine looks like using easyPHP.

Physical and Virtual Paths:
// XOOPS Physical Path
    // Physical path to your main XOOPS directory WITHOUT trailing slash
define('XOOPS_ROOT_PATH''f:/web design/localhost/www/testing');

// XOOPS Virtual Path (URL)
    // Virtual path to your main XOOPS directory WITHOUT trailing slash

Database Account:
// Table Prefix
    // This prefix will be added to all new tables created to avoid name conflict in the database. If you are unsure, just use the default 'xoops'.

// Database Hostname
    // Hostname of the database server. If you are unsure, 'localhost' works in most cases.

// Database Username
    // Your database user account on the host

// Database Password
    // Password for your database user account

// Database Name
    // The name of database on the host. The installer will attempt to create the database if not exist

If the above is not configured correctly in mainfile.php, you'll get a blank screen.

The easiest thing I've found to do is to overwrite mainfile.php on the local server with a fresh copy.

Make sure you copy the install directory into your XOOPS root directory and change the permissoins on mainfile.php to rw-rw-rw.

Open your browser and piont to http://localhost/xoops_root_directory/ and perform a new install using the database name, username, password, table prefix, and Admin account information that you used for your production site.

Then when you've finished the install on your local server, overwrite the database with the copy from your production site and change your permissions on mainfile.php to r-r-r.

If you exported the database with the 'Drop Table if Exists' lines in it, you wont need to dump the local database. It will be automatically overwritten. If you don't see the 'Drop Table if Exists' lines in your production site's sql file, just dump the local site's database before you import the production site's sql file.

Hope this helps.

Re: Using Xoops Locally - XSAS
  • 2004/9/9 11:36

  • W1ZeR

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thank you so much for this. with those edits I have finally managed to see my fully functioning site locally.

One last question. I have carried this out on a work PC. I want to do the same on my webserver at home. Can I zip the whole of the www\ DIR on this machine and dump it on the one at home and get it to work?

thanks again for you're help

Re: Using Xoops Locally - XSAS
  • 2004/9/9 11:45

  • JMorris

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You may have to edit the mainfile.php to reflect the correct physical path and you'll have to duplicate the database so that is the same on your home system, but yeah, with a little editing it would work.

If you're using a program like XSAS you could just install everything on a USB Pen drive if you wanted.

Good Luck!


Re: Using Xoops Locally - XSAS
  • 2004/9/29 19:41

  • beerMe

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Thank you, JMorris! You are an asset to the XOOPS community.


Re: Using Xoops Locally - XSAS

Simple install instructions for XSAS

OK, I simply haven't been able to find a decent guide to just get XSAS running as a basic non-customised version. The XSAS website doesn't even offer useful instructions. So here goes my very basic attempt for you.

For Windows XP:

1. Download the xsas.exe from sourceforge.net to your desktop

3. Run xsas.exe and when it asks where you want to extract, simply say (C:). Don't worry it will install to c:\xsas
You should now have c:\xsas\diskw and c:\xsas\XSAS.exe

4. Now right click the c:\xsas\diskw directory and go to properties -> Sharing -> Share this Folder

5. HERE IS THE IMPORTANT STEP. Allow Full Control! Go to "Permissions" and allow "Everyone" or at least yourself full control. If you don't do this xsas.exe simply won't run and you'll get no error messages to the contrary.

6. OK. OK.

7. Now create a network mapping on your local machine by mapping the diskw drive to W:
To do this
Go to Windows Explorer -> Map Network Drive
Drive: W:
Folder: \\yourcomputername\diskw
Press OK

8. You should now have a W: that looks like this:

Simply run c:\xsas\XSAS.exe
Apache and MySQL should start in the background
(to check go to Task Manager and look for Apache and mysqld-opt.exe. If they're not running you've not done someting right).

10. You're all done. click on the XOOPS link and you should see your own local running version of XOOPS. Now go back to JMorris earlier post about how to customise this local version for yourself.

Rock on!!


Re: Using Xoops Locally - XSAS
  • 2006/7/13 11:32

  • heddie

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hi jmorris,

just got introduced to xoops/xsas. really nice ! reading this thread and I notice u mentioned about "adding different site" to the GUI.

would like to know how'd u make out and if successful, would u mind sharing the info with us.


Re: Using Xoops Locally - XSAS
  • 2006/7/13 21:36

  • McDonald

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XSAS is a nice and handy utility for XOOPS newbies. Everything has been setup already, so it's ready to rock 'n roll. It comes with a lot of modules also.
The disadvantages of XSAS are:
- it skips the installation process of Xoops
- it comes with an old version of Xoops.
- it's not developped anymore as far as I know.

Another great utility for running XOOPS sites locally on your hard drive is XAMPP.
With XAMPP you have to create a database yourself and you have to go through the installation process of Xoops.

Maybe I will write a small manual about setting up a XOOPS site with XAMPP, but first I have to finish the translation of tinyeditor from english to dutch.

Re: Using Xoops Locally - XSAS
  • 2006/7/13 22:39

  • simeon

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if you need a really easy to use local server maybe take a look at server2go.
IMHO the easiest way to play with xoops.
maybe someone pack XOOPS into the server with a standard config.its a very small but powerfull app

Re: Using Xoops Locally - XSAS
  • 2006/7/14 0:33

  • skenow

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I've been using XAMPP, and I like it. I have a 'web site on a stick' now!

What I would like to solve is having to edit mainfile.php every time I plug my flash drive into another computer. XAMPP has a setup utility that takes care of all the path changes for XAMPP because of the different drive letters, but I haven't found a way to do the same for Xoops. Anyone have some suggestions?

Re: Using Xoops Locally - XSAS
  • 2006/7/14 1:14

  • Bassman

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I've been using webserver on a stick in the3 same way, and it works great! I think it would have the same problems with mainfile.php though, although I have not tried it on more than one comp yet.



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