Language problem
  • 2006/6/8 0:32

  • snow77

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I had a site to which the spanish language was a bit out of date so I updated it with the spanish language available here and then I updated the system module.

Now I have questions marks everywhere , all the acentuation marks disappeared (they were there before). Ex; más has changed into m?s

Please does someone know how I can fix this?

PS. I did do what the readme says
This file uses the UTF-8 charset. If you use this file in a server with english language support, consider replacing the following directives:

file language/english/global.php:
< define('_CHARSET', 'ISO-8859-1');
> define('_CHARSET', 'UTF-8');
< define("XOOPS_USE_MULTIBYTES", "0");
> define("XOOPS_USE_MULTIBYTES", "1");

(< means the old value, and > means the new one)

Re: Language problem
  • 2006/6/8 5:28

  • rowdie

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Sounds like you've changed encoding.

Your system language values are now in UTF-8 but all your other language files probably use ISO-8859-1. Also if your original _CHARSET value was ISO then your data in the database will be wrong for the UTF-8 character set as well.

To fix it you need to go back to using the original encoding.

The quickest solution would be to restore your original language files. Another option could be to find ISO-8859-1 language files from the official Spanish support site - they seem to be using ISO-8859-1 for their site, so I expect they offer it for download too.

Re: Language problem
  • 2006/6/8 6:09

  • snow77

  • Just can't stay away

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Yes the encoding was changed, I always use ISO-8859-1.

you clear up my doubt, well I was thinking that the change to UTF-8 would not go well with data already stored in the database. At first I worried and thought the whole site was damaged, but fortunately the database is still ok.

I went back to the old files and everything is well again.

About going to the spanish site, I am not so fond of that, the spanish site lacks updates and synchronization with the base site, and it's got a translation that's not working for me now but at least shows the correct punctuation.

I'll be working on a ISO compatible up-to-date spanish translation

Thanks a million for your help.


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