No Ratings Categories in myReviews
  • 2006/4/3 5:51

  • griff3

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I'm using XOOPS v2.0.13.2 and have installed all 3 of the review modules I could find in the module repository. The c-jay one failed upon install, the lycos one works, but unfortunately doesn't allow me to restrict review submissions to registered users as far as I can tell. The myReviews seems perfect. It installs okay, and seems to work, but when I click on the "Manage Rating Categories" I get only the menu with no template for adding or managing categories. I get no errors from PHP or Smarty Debugging.

If this is, in fact, how this module is supposed to work, then can someone tell me how to create ratings categories before creating reviews? Oddly enough, I created one review, then was able to modify the ratings categories. At that point, however, I can't access them in any way I can find. I see from searching around this website that development has ceased on this module, but perhaps others are using it successfully and could help me out. Thanks.


Re: No Ratings Categories in myReviews
  • 2006/4/18 21:15

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If you create category first, you can then create rating categories for each category.

Once the review has been approved, you can view the review and click "write review." You will be given a screen with radio buttons to give an overall rating of the review, plus review (with radio buttons) each of the category ratings for that particular review.

For example, price, coziness, food quality - all within the bars category.

It seems kinda weird that the review has to be created and then approved before any of these can be reviewed.

I see a few other flaws in this module as well, such as:

I'd like to be able to take many of the sub menu items out, such as "Random, Hall of Fame, Popular, Top Rated, Onion Awards, Love at First Site, and We Recommend" Possibly only have Hall of Fame and Top Rated, but be able to change the name.

When logged in an viewing a review, at the bottom of the review there are the following options:

Read reviews | Tell a friend | Modify review | Modify editorial | Edit | Don't Love it! | Don't Recommend it! | Write review | Broken link.

Modify Review and Edit seem to be redundant. Though this could be because I have admin access.

Love at First Site sub-menu item seems to point to the Bottom 10 items rating in each category.

As does We recommend.

Maybe, I need to add more test data to see how all the data is categorized. So my review of this module may be a bit brash.

It would be nice to remove some of the sub-menu items though.



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