Re: XoopsGallery!!! The clone!
  • 2006/6/29 21:07

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what do you mean by clone?

I want to install xoopsgallery into a different directory than xoopsgallery.

I just want to install it into a directory called "gallery".

When I try to do this, it doesn't install the module properly.

I would go through and change all the references in the code, but the next time I go to update the module when a new version comes out, I would have to remember to do the same thing again.

Has anybody had any luck installing it in a different directory than xoopsgallery?


p.s. I registered on xoopsgallery.com, but never received my activation email, or I would have posted ono their forum.

Re: How to remove sub-menu items from a modulue (My Reviews)
  • 2006/6/13 23:50

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Thank you VERY VERY much for this tip. This is exactly what I was looking for and explains alot on how the XOOPS menuing system works.

Incidentally, I realized that there were not any reviews showing up in the Popular or Top Rated reviews, because the admin was the only person that had submitted any review, and none of the reviews - had been reviewed or rated by end users.

A bit confusing, but I understand how it works now.

The other sub menu items also did not show any reviews in them because only the admin had rated the reviews.

I still removed the submenu items however.


Re: Checkbox in form
  • 2006/6/13 8:17

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I have a problem, where I'm trying to use commas in the currency field.

I've changed the database field as suggested in the comments of the module by the developer.

However, when I try to submit a new classified ad, I get the error message as before.

I manually went into the database and created a record that did have a comma in the currency field and it displays just fine through the web browser when viewing the catads module.

So I'm guessing that it is error checking or form validation when the form is submitted.

any ideas?

How to remove sub-menu items from a modulue (My Reviews)
  • 2006/6/13 8:11

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I would like to remove some of the sub menu items from the My Reviews module.

Almost all of the sub menu items are irrelevant to my site or they don't work.

How can I remove them? I'd really like to keep "Submit" and remove the rest.

Kind Regards.

Re: Table width in PiCal 0.84
  • 2006/6/6 5:00

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There are several files that you need to edit in the modules/pical/images/default/ directory.

They are *.tmpl.html (there are 8 files) one for each calendar view.

You can make a few changes there for column heading, etc.

I was able to get this far, but was not able to change the size of the actual calendar content in the month view. In other words, the Squares were too big, so the center column "bled" into the right column.
Then I found this post in the piCal XOOPS Peak Forum
Re: overlap (sideways scrollbar) on 800 x 600 screens
I've found the files to edit (tmpl) and all are ok except for the monthly view (monthly.tmpl) I can't get it to resize I thinks its the actual squares that make up the days of the calendar, any idea how to edit them to make them a bit narrower?
Posted on: 2005/8/24 5:49
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Re: overlap (sideways scrollbar) on 800 x 600 screens
I'm sorry that you have to edit piCal.php and modify width="...".

news 1.44 - upon edit, Set the date/time of publish is automatically checked
  • 2006/5/6 1:11

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I have a new fresh install of XOOPS

I've previously use the old standard news module.

With this new fresh install, I've started using the news 1.44 module with the spotlight feature. What a great addition to Xoops!

I've got Catads, XHLD Headlines, Addresses, CBB, Articles, and MyReviews.

It's turning out to be a robust site.

I had previously installed Magazine module, but didn't like it.

I have an issue where when I create a news item, and then go in and edit the news item, upon edit, it automatically Checks the "Set the date/time of publish" Box when editing the news item.

Is this by default? At first, when I edited my first article, and clicked publish, it disappeared from the spotlight, but thankfully, I quickly realized what had happened.

Also, is it possible to turn this off? I looked all through the news management sections.

What is the thinking behind this default behavior if it is in fact default behavior.

Thanks in advance.

Re: No Ratings Categories in myReviews
  • 2006/4/18 21:15

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If you create category first, you can then create rating categories for each category.

Once the review has been approved, you can view the review and click "write review." You will be given a screen with radio buttons to give an overall rating of the review, plus review (with radio buttons) each of the category ratings for that particular review.

For example, price, coziness, food quality - all within the bars category.

It seems kinda weird that the review has to be created and then approved before any of these can be reviewed.

I see a few other flaws in this module as well, such as:

I'd like to be able to take many of the sub menu items out, such as "Random, Hall of Fame, Popular, Top Rated, Onion Awards, Love at First Site, and We Recommend" Possibly only have Hall of Fame and Top Rated, but be able to change the name.

When logged in an viewing a review, at the bottom of the review there are the following options:

Read reviews | Tell a friend | Modify review | Modify editorial | Edit | Don't Love it! | Don't Recommend it! | Write review | Broken link.

Modify Review and Edit seem to be redundant. Though this could be because I have admin access.

Love at First Site sub-menu item seems to point to the Bottom 10 items rating in each category.

As does We recommend.

Maybe, I need to add more test data to see how all the data is categorized. So my review of this module may be a bit brash.

It would be nice to remove some of the sub-menu items though.

Re: Adding Google Adsense to Block
  • 2006/4/18 19:39

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I've found that removing this line:

google_ad_type = "text_image";

Fixed my issue.

I'm not sure why, but it fixed it.


Re: Adding Google Adsense to Block
  • 2006/4/18 19:23

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I'm having a related issue. I do have the apache mod_sec installed...

However, one XOOPS site has a Google Adsense ad which shows up in a custom block that I call "advertisement"

This has been working for quite some time with no issues.

I'm building a new website, which has an "advertisement" block on the left column, and an "advertisement" block on the right column.

On the index of the website, both ads show properly. However, if I click on any of the sections (modules) of the website, the right column ad doesn't show at all.

I can view source and see that the ad code is there, but the block is blank (not showing the ad).

I wonder, would a block be considered a frame? When generating the adsense code, it asks whether the code will be placed in a frame. I've chosen no to this option.

Thanks in advance for any pointers/tips.

Re: efqDirectory - alpha version 0.1.1 released [FEEDBACK]
  • 2006/4/10 20:17

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I have been working on a community website for a city.

I have been testing addresses, x-directory, and efqdirectory...though I didn't realize it was an alpha until I found some thing that didn't work properly.

EFQdirectory has some things that the other directory modules don't have which are very good.

1. Search Bar. This would be good for categories that have lots of entries or if a person is looking for a specific entry or street name in a particular category.

2. I like the default index (http://sitename.com/modules/efqdirectory/)

The cosmetic layout is so much better than the other directory modules. The other modules are just too cluttered, especially if there are subcategories (ex. restaurants, with subcategories for different kinds of food).

3. The listings directory block is also very nice. If you have categories such as Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels. It is very cosmetically aesthetic. The other modules only allow for recent or top listings as far as blocks.

In the view where the actual listings are displayed, the individual listings appear in a very bland way. Though, this is probably an issue of templating or incomplete programming - so forgive me if this is just a template issue.

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