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Posted on: 2006/1/11 13:08
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Just popping in
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PROBLEM:Unable to Show Updated RSS content.. why??

when modules is uploaded,installed through and then again when i go to modules administration screen ,

i see these modules listed there under installed modules section:

1. SophosVirus Flash v.1.0
2. Symantec Alert Block v1.0

once logged in as admin, administration menu->control panel menu and here i
don't see any of these above modules listed to configure but i see these modules under
Edit Groups and Block Administration menu.

i'm using headlines0 module to fetch RSS feeds from the RSS enabled site but my problem is
i'm unable to see the updated content on my site. It's same old RSS feed data.. why is so? How do
i get the updated RSS feed data on my site.
But when i use that RSS site from some other RSS fetching program, i get the updated information. so,
what's wrong with the modules in Xoops?
Same things happen with above two listed modules too.. 1. Sophos VirusFLash v.1.0 and 2. Symantec
AlertBlock v1.0 module. They don't either show the updated content.

I'm using XOOPS version 2.0.10.

I've been using the XOOPS since 2 years and ever since i upgraded successfully from to 2.0.10,
i think i'm facing all these strange problems. I've not faced any problems accept these RSS feeding blocks
which are not updating itself nomatter if i try that from module configure option(in case of headlines0 modules, i
don't have option to configure SophosVirusFlash and Symantec Alert Block modules in control panel menu.)

any kind of help and tips regarding
1. how to enable my blocks to show updated RSS content
2. how to make those modules appear under control panel menu(though i've successfully installed them)
would be most welcomed.