Group help please!
  • 2005/9/22 13:44

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Is there a maximum number of people that can joing a group?

I started a forum and assigned different permissions to different group members (group A could post everywhere, group B could only post in some places). Initially everything was ok, but then some people started registering and despite belonging to the group with the most permissions, they weren't able to view/post in the forums they had permission to post in.

Yes, they were in the right group.

I deleted one and readded him. Same story.

I tried adding new users and assigned them to this group but they were denied access as well.

Can somebody please help? I have a lot of semi-irritated people that are paying members to this club but can't see the entire forum: www.aroc.org.sg

Thanks a lot...

Re: Group help please!
  • 2005/9/29 10:41

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somebody....anybody...please help...!


Re: Group help please!
  • 2005/9/29 11:11

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What version of XOOPS and NewBB(I guess) are you using?
Maybe there's also a possibility to assign Group-rights in the Forum-Module(guess starting at 2.2.2)

Generally, it maybe a good idea to create a group with several rights everybody have and add there everybody. Then create a group with special privileges and add there only people that have these rights.
In other words.
Person A and B are all in Group 1 with rights a,b,c
Person B is in Group 2 with right d,e,f

A: a,b,c
B: a,b,c,d,e,f

There's a LOGICAL OR operation being performed.
Greets, netsroht

Sorry for my bad english. I'm german.


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