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Not too shy to talk
Posted on: 2005/9/8 0:53
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Not too shy to talk
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CBB 2.2 bug with unapproved posts

I tried to report these to the module bug reporting form but there is no category for CBB and newbb only goes up to version 2.0RC.

I am using XOOPS 2.2.3 on a Debian Sarge system.

If you try to edit an unapproved (anonymous) post from the admin menu you get this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: newbb_adminmenu() in /var/www/html/modules/newbb/admin/index.php on line 102

from this url:


It is useful for the administrator to edit unapproved posts before approving.
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Just popping in
Posted on: 2005/9/8 5:21
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Just popping in
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Re: CBB 2.2 bug with unapproved posts

Try posting the bug over here -> http://cbb.getituponline.com/

Your bug will get seen by the right people for sure.