Re: StrikeHosting.com
  • 2004/6/24 14:55

  • SmartAss

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Thanks for all of your suggestions! We really appreciate all of them.

I just woke up, so I haven't had time to make the changes you two suggested, but I will do them once I start working. There's "waking up" and then theres "working" - I'm still on the first part.


Mithrandir wrote:
NOW we are talking.

Still impossible to see whether it is a 2-man "garage company" or a company with 100+ employees, but at least now you have a professional look on your site.

My question to you is this: What would you prefer, a 2-man "garage" company or a company with 100+ employees? I'm thinking of this: Use our small size as a plus - It let's us offer lower prices. What do you think?


Mithrandir wrote:

I'm really impressed with the looks - the only few things I will mention (sorry, my B.Sc. in Technical Marketing shows its ugly head ) are

a. Do not write about what is NOT on the site (forum + ticket system) surprise your customers and visitors, when it IS in place, but do not tell them about what your competitors provide Makes it look like you are just starting up and do not have everything planned, which is NOT a signal you want to send as a hosting provider

b. Page titles are missing

a. Great suggestion. I would never have thought of that... Sure, it looks kind of obvious, but I still wouldn't have thought of it.
b. They were there, but I don't know what happened to them.


bd_csmc wrote:
i'm impressed with the site appearance as well, if you wouldn't mind private messaging me to let me know where you bought the template or hired the designer, i'd like to get a design from the same author/artist. it's excellent

Sure will.


bd_csmc wrote:
you might want to run all the text on your site through a spellchecker, i noticed at one point you used the word 'upin' when you meant upon (i'm assuming)

I can spell, don't get me wrong. A lot of the site was made late at night, when I'm very, very tired, and there's not much you can do about that. I will try to find all the spelling errors I can and correct them. :)


bd_csmc wrote:
anyways, looking great. you need a bit more on the site, make it look more active (whether via forums or whatnot). the more active a hosting site looks, the more i get interested (whether filled with tons of hosting deals, or news, or whatever. it's good to see that it's not a put-it-up-and-leave-it type of site)

We have been debating forums for quite a while now. My opinion on it is this: The sooner we open them, the faster they will fill up and look active.

Would you be scared away by an empty forum, or should we wait until we have a few more clients?

Thangs again,
Matt Hart


Re: StrikeHosting.com
  • 2004/6/24 15:07

  • intel352

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forums with no response/activity scares me away more than an empty forum, but that's possibly because i've started/actively manage several sites, so i'm used to empty forums

if you start forums, make sure you respond immediately (same day at least) to posts, that always looks good when immediate feedback is given.

another point about the empty forums, we all know that you're a 'younger' company, so we would understand emptier forums. an idea though, is to maybe post about plans or specials in the forums, to give you an excuse to populate it. just don't create an overload of forums/categories, because that will just be that many more 'empty' forums

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  • 2004/6/26 0:33

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I would just like to say that we are offering XOOPS users a 10% discount for life if you sign up within the next week. Just use the promotion code "xoops" when signing up.

Details here:https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=21476&forum=13

Re: StrikeHosting.com
  • 2005/5/26 23:10

  • supernix

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I have been using this service since I last posted and have not had any serious issues since I signed up.
Downtime has always been minimal and all issues are dealt with promptly.

I figured I would post again since it has been a long time since I last posted this message and now it is more of an experience statement.

Re: StrikeHosting.com
  • 2005/8/9 17:31

  • patrickd

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Supernix, Smartass .... where has Strikehosting.com gone?? No email, no web page, nothing. Matt, any word out there?


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