wrapping it all in

Dear xoopers.

I have asked before and will ask again,

www.japanese2day.com is a NPO website with a free dictionary sponsored by Monash University. Now currently when you click on our dictionary links, which you find here www.japanese2day.com you go here


as you can see its on our server but its not wrapped into xoops, could someone please advise or help me how to make this happen, as we have over 3000 people using the dictionary with a direct link and not seeing the other options we offer for free/

Thanks you
visit www.english2day.com its free

Re: wrapping it all in
  • 2005/7/20 20:54

  • Cyberock

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I am looking for the same information, only I want to wrap an entire site ... I think I saw a FAQ named "Can I include my pages in XOOPS ..." (close to that) and there was a good explanation there that I think will work. Let me know if you find out anything better? Thanks

Re: wrapping it all in
  • 2005/7/20 21:17

  • riomx

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This module is excellent and allows for wrapping HTML pages to integrate them into Xoops:


However, I'm not sure if that means only independent HTML pages (as in one at a time) or a whole site.

I've never tried it, but the link above is a start and you can experiment.

- Joe

Re: wrapping it all in
  • 2005/7/23 18:19

  • Cyberock

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I used auth to wrap an html page, and it worked great. I then tried to wrap a php site, and it went south on me. The site I was wrapping is a bug-bear of linear programming, repeated functions, not modularized very well, and excessive code that could have been done in half as many lines of code ...

but it has the functionality I need. Couldn't wrap it tho ... Anyone have any luck wrapping php sites index.php) with auth or any other similar script? I'd appreciate any tips to save me from re-writing the whole site ... ( not )

Re: wrapping it all in
  • 2005/7/23 20:09

  • JMorris

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Either download MyPage content wrapper HERE, or manually wrap the content with the appropriate code below:

Paste at the beginning your file
$xoopsOption['show_rblock'] = 1//0 for no right block

Paste at the end of your file

You will most likely need to change the paths of the included files from relative to static, i.e.:



Hope this helps.

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Re: wrapping it all in
  • 2005/7/24 0:48

  • Cyberock

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Thank you James. I'll give it a try. I will have to experiment sisnce I'm confussed about where the files need to reside, now that I've used auth.

I think I'll try your method and leave them in their installed directory. Also there's the issue of the name index.php being unusable, and trying to put the code in an html file between tags with auth.

What I really need to do is make a module and get the functionality that way. It's a hosting billing application with some nice features like paypal payment and auto account creation on the server after confirmed payment, plus billing/receiving/ordering support.

Ah well, I mentioned that in case anyone who reads this can offer an alternative application or anything. Thanks again James I'll hook it up tonite, wait and see!


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