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Posted on: 2005/7/3 2:52
ahooi (Show more)
Just popping in
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Email notification for MRBS

Hi, I've installed MRBS and users have been happily using it for awhile now. One feature which users have requested is as follows:

To email booking information to a secretary whenever a booking has been created/modified/deleted. This is so that the secretary can be informed of the event and be able to prepare the meeting room in advance.

Therefore, i believe what is needed would be as follows:

1. In the Admin screen, provide a text field to allow the admin to enter the email address of the secretary,

2. When the user creating a new booking clicks on the Save button, an email is sent to the email that has been setup in the Admin screen. The email will contain the info of the booking automatically.

3. Likewise for Edit and Delete of the booking record.

Unfortunately, I'm new to XOOPS and I'm also not a PHP programmer, I would appreciate it if there is anyone who can help me on this.