Upload Large Mysql DB

How do I upload a large MysQL DB? My XOOPS db got corrupted and I want to drop the current db and go back to my previous XOOPS DB which is 30k megs, but PHP Admin won't handle large file uploads (anything over 2 megs - I think) is there a tool that I can use to get around this limit?

Re: Upload Large Mysql DB
  • 2005/6/9 11:54

  • christian

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Hi Malexandria,

You can use BigDump.

Best regards

Re: Upload Large Mysql DB

is there something easier and more user friendly to use? I can't figure out how to use it.

Re: Upload Large Mysql DB
  • 2005/6/9 13:32

  • Anonymous

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Perhaps THIS if you are on a Windows-machine. I think the prices are affordable. Perhaps you will find version 2.1 on the internet. This was! a free version, but with less features.

Otherwise look for Navicat at www.navicat.com. Another one http://www.webyog.com/

Re: Upload Large Mysql DB
  • 2005/6/9 14:44

  • highlander

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Hi Malexandria,

You could cut the .sql file up into parts and load them in that way. might take you a while but it will work.

Another option I have used in the past is copy all the .sql data onto the clipboard and then using firefox (explorer craches) paste it into the sql window of phpmyadmin. You will have to wait a long time as it is sending 30megs down the line. It will seem like your machine has frozen but then when you least expect it the phpmyadmin window will show your wuery. Now just hit submit and your wuesries will execute.

Both options are not very pretty but have worken well for me in the past.

Kind regards, Highlander

Re: Upload Large Mysql DB
  • 2005/6/9 16:53

  • skalpa

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Another one:
- Copy your dump to your server (best to put it in a password protected folder)
- Paste the following content in a file, change tha variables (host, user, pwd....) and save it as 'import.php', in the same folder
- Access import.php with your browser
- Delete both files
$user 'user_name';
$pwd  'pwd';
$db   'db_name';
$dump 'my_dumpfile.sql';

system"cat $dump | MySQL --host=$host --user=$user --password=$pwd $db");

"SQL file imported.";


Might not always work, but the fastest way if your hosting company allows the 'system' command.


Re: Upload Large Mysql DB
  • 2005/6/9 18:55

  • Dave_L

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Another option which may help:

phpMyAdmin can be configured to import a database from a directory on the server, rather than uploading. The same applies to exporting. See $cfg['UploadDir'] and $cfg['SaveDir'] in config.inc.php.


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