Re: Mx-directory - input welcome
  • 2005/5/25 19:24

  • limecity

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Just wondering, has this module been released yet? Or its still under beta?

I am looking forward to this module. When will it be released? estimated date? No preasure. just asking.

Re: Mx-directory - input welcome
  • 2005/5/27 18:05

  • tripmon

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Still Beta...

@ all,

Sorry guys, I was hoping to have an RC out today but once again I have had numerous last minute deadlines and fires to put out away from xoops.

I'll try really hard to get the RC out in the next few days.

Re: Mx-directory - input welcome
  • 2005/5/28 18:47

  • animas

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We are eagerly waiting for the stable release.

Re: Mx-directory - input welcome
  • 2005/5/28 20:13

  • zeroram

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take your time...

if the module is FREE no one have tu push to released :)

we all work for the good of XOOPS in our sparetime

Re: Mx-directory - input welcome
  • 2005/6/27 21:02

  • xueming

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Any update ? Thanks.

Re: Mx-directory - input welcome
  • 2005/6/27 23:52

  • karedokx

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hi, i'm just raising the same question at dev.xoops.org

eagerly to get some updates on the progress of the development too

Re: Mx-directory - input welcome
  • 2005/8/24 17:47

  • tripmon

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Hi All,

After being deployed to a few places for a couple of months, I'm back at my trusty box and about to resume dev on MX-Dir again.

I will be releasing a 2.0 & a 2.2 ver. in the near future.

There are some things I need to wrap up, but I should be able to start in around the first week of Sept. shooting from a Gold release around the 15th.


Re: Mx-directory - input welcome
  • 2005/9/14 23:10

  • jfmoore

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I have been playing around with mxDir and have found that the address, city, state, zip, and telephone fields are not searched. Apparently, only the name and description fields are searched. Is this the way it is supposed to be? Can it be changed to search these fields?


Re: Mx-directory - input welcome
  • 2005/9/21 14:41

  • jfmoore

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How does one input a logo so that it will appear on the index page and the singlelink page? There is no provision on the submit page that I can see.

Also, what does this admin option do:
"Select yes to display screenshot images for each listing"

I am probably asking for clarification of the obvious, but I seem to be able to invoke no cerebral activity at the moment.


Re: Mx-directory - input welcome
  • 2005/11/1 14:51

  • NexMillenia

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Whenever I add the mx-directory module 2.0 to any 2.2.x XOOPS verision I get the following error message when attempting to run the directory;

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/nur/public_html/modules/mxdirectory/language/english/main.php on line 4

Am I missing something here or does this involve the instructions as found in the readme docs as follows;

IF you would like to change the name of the module, do so PRIOR to installing the module from the XOOPS admin cp.
IF you create a custom directory name you must also make 1 manual change in /class/coupon.php (the rest of the module is auto-sensing).
CHANGE the MxdirectoryCouponClass to YourdirCouponClass ((where Yourdir is your custom directory name) first letter MUST be uppercase)."

Must I do something here to get this to work? Need help ASAP. Thanks.


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